Bikinis, Baths and Brotherly Love – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 7 Review

Bikinis, Baths and Brotherly Love – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 7.

So what happened in th— So much bikini service, so much bath service, this is the best episode ever!

Tch! What?

You know there are more important things in life than anime girls in bikinis and bath scenes right? *blank expression* So anyway the girls find themselves on a deserted island and then assaulted by a giant octopus—

Stop! I know you’re annoyed at me but there’s no reason to lie about what happens… Oh I’m not lying.

Interesting… interesting…

What. The. Heck. So turns out they’re on the island for a photo shoot, except it’s like an episode of Survivor where they have to forage and hunt and fish for their own food and build shelter and start a fire and even source their own fresh water. But basically it’s an excuse to have a five-minute montage of still images of the girls in bikinis doing things and I am absolutely okay with that!

“Previously on Idol Survivor”. Wait, that’s a great idea for a show!

Of course you are. But what about the giant octopus?! I’m honestly not sure, just silliness really? It happens, it’s never explained and it’s never brought up again. But this is only a small part of the episode—while on the island the unofficial ‘leader’ of the Music Girls Kotoko runs into a boy working on the photo shoot and at first we think she’s having some sort of romantic liaison with him but we quickly discover that he’s her brother who left home some years ago to pursue a career in photography with their father.

Love at first sight? Not quite.

Okay, so that’s something that isn’t complete perverted—see, you can talk about something other than fan service! It’s tougher than it looks, you know!

So where’s that storyline go? It breaks up the Music Girls.

Copy/paste siblings.

HUH?! Well a paparazzi takes a photo of Kotoko (platonically) hugging her brother and publishes it in a trashy magazine saying that she’s betrayed the Music Girls for a secret lover. Now, I may not know much about Japanese idols but I know one thing is for sure—they aren’t allowed to have boyfriends. First Kotoko decides she needs to quit for the sake of the group—knowing the unwritten rules about idols and the damage a single photo can do to an idol’s reputation. But the others (and her brother) rally around her and say that can’t imagine the group without her and it’s a very sweet moment.

I was going to yell “but it’s her brother!” but then again this is anime…

Wait, you said it breaks them up, that doesn’t sound like the group has broken up? The episode ends with a sinister scene set in a skyscraper as thunder and lightning flashes outside, the Music Girls’ manager has been summoned to a board meeting full of (assumedly) music executives who tell him in no uncertain terms “the music girls are to be disbanded.” End credits!

Things are getting serious!

Well… that’s certainly dramatic so where do you think it’ll go from there? Don’t know… so can we talk about the epic bath scene in this episode? It’s seriously amazing!

Nope. Nope! Knowing it exists is enough for me, no more detail is required! *shrugs* that’s not going to stop me from posting pictures though! Haha!

God tier bath scene.

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