Girl Powered – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 17 Review

Girl Powered – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 17

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 17.

The provisional licensing arc continues? Yes, and you can stop asking that, I have a feeling it will continue up until the end of the season—or close to it at least!

But it’s still exciting, isn’t it? Indeed. The stakes might not be life or death but it still makes for some interesting, dramatic and entertaining anime—and this episode is certainly no exception.

Right. So what happens in this episode? You know how a lot of the season I’ve been complaining that the female characters in this show are underutilised?

You go girls!

I barely noticed… Haha. But yes, I have made that a frequent issue of contention regarding this series, well thankfully this episode not only puts Yaoyorozu in the spotlight but she’s also going up against a group of ~moderately interesting~ female heroes from another school, so it’s like, double girl power!

You can tell she’s “evil” coz of the monocle.

Bet that made you happy. Eh, yes and no. While the scenes with Yaoyorozu, Froppy, Jiro and Shoji are a lot of fun, surprisingly tense and demonstrate Yaoyorozu’s calm under pressure, ingenuity and all around aptitude at being a pro hero it felt like the show was eager to have any chance to cut back to the action with any of the three main guys. Like I know I shouldn’t expect for them to spend the entire episode with her but it seemed like they were so intent on having scenes with Midoriya and Todoroki and Bakugo that it short-changed and kinda almost robbed Yaoyorozu of her chance in the sun.

Stop playing with your balls, Todoroki.

I think you’re just being greedy but then again what do I know, you’re the one who watched it! Also, while I understand why the Yaoyorozu’s main opponent was chosen (the ringleader is a hero from Seiai Academy who has the power of an increasing IQ when she drinks tea). I kinda wish it wasn’t just a battle of wits, I’d like to see the girls get involved in actual physical fights, I don’t like that the majority of the female heroes have either passive or defensive abilities—but again that’s more of a problem with Shonen anime in general, rather than something that’s exclusively wrong with this show.

I feel like this girl has meme potential.

Sounds like you just like to complain a lot. As I’ve said before, the better a show is the more I seek to improve it. I wouldn’t be nearly as critical of this show if it didn’t have an endearing cast of characters and cool set-up, not to mention consistently excellent action!

I guess that makes sense? Meanwhile Todoroki wins his battle, Midoriya and Ochako continue to outrun where they can while Bakugo, Kaminari and Kirishima battle a guy called Seiji Shishikura who turns his opponents into blobs of living flesh like Mitty from Made In Abyss. I’m not particularly interested in this battle, mostly because Bakugo is consistently my least favourite (of the main cast) but whatever it makes for an interesting enough place to end the episode.

The horror…

So is this a good episode or what? Hard to tell with all your whining… It’s the usual consistently good My Hero Academia episode with the usual consistently minor but nonetheless present gripes. I’m happy a female hero got a chance to step-up and be the hero and I like reinforcing the idea of Class 1A fighting to help out each other rather than being lone-wolf heroes. All in all not much else to say! Happy to be watching it, enjoying it heaps but always room for improvement here and there.

The cold made Froppy a little worse for wear but she’s still contributing!

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