Blood Is Sicker Than Water – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 7 Review

Blood Is Sicker Than Water – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 7.

What happens in this episode? A lot, and by that I mean a lot of forward plot momentum—at least in regard to a very important plot point that’s been dangling unanswered since the very first episode—that being the whereabouts of Sato’s aunt.

Oh? I thought she was dead and in those bloody bags that Sato made her teacher dispose of? The show never said that we were left to infer that from the situation, what with a missing aunt and a relatively nice apartment all to herself it was a pretty safe assumption and indeed the teacher made that assumption to—even going as far as to phone in an anonymous tip to the police about a “bad smell” coming from the place.

That’s a new expression for Sato!

So the police are involved now? That’s pretty serious! Indeed, the whole scene involving the police wanting to search her apartment was unbelievably tense, to the point where I was genuinely riveted to see what would happen and how Satō would get out of the situation.

And how does she? Well Satō opens the door and announces she’s home and then rather than Shio’s cute little face greeting her it’s Satō’s aunt! Yep that’s right she’s alive! The police begin their search but immediately something is amiss as Satō’s friend points out in her inner monologue, the place is dank and dark and not at all the kind of place a high-school like Sato would be living! Eventually they get to a locked door where the smell is coming from, the police open it up and find—nothing but a bit of old rubbish, no blood on the walls, no signs of a murder at all!

Oh hi, crazy aunt! Still crazy? Cool, thanks, bye.

Oh, well that’s convenient? What’s going on? Well, it turns out Sato doesn’t actually live here with her aunt, she lives nine floors up on the 12th floor, but the police and Sato’s friend and her teacher who’s been spying from a distance don’t need to know that, now do they?

Poor Shoko… she’s seen some shit today!

Ah… clever girl. So can we talk about Sato’s aunt a little more? I’m glad you brought it up, her scene in the episode is probably one of the most entertainingly twisted and disturbed things I’ve seen in this anime! Basically what happens is as the police officers are leaving Sato’s aunt creeps up to the police officer and starts ‘analysing’ him, saying stuff like “you’ve always wanted to be a police officer, ever since you were a boy, but being such a good boy always made you lonely, you’re still lonely aren’t you”. Then she starts seducing him, saying he can do whatever he wants to her, hit her, touch her, have sex with her—whatever he wants, because that’s what she’s best at doing receiving and making people feel better. She literally mounts the guy before his female partner intervenes at which point she offers herself to her too!

What’s that expression? “Don’t stick your dick in crazy”? Still would, TBH…

Yikes, that’s a bit confrontational. And once again it’s Sato’s friend—who has been watching the whole time, who sums it up perfectly with her inner monologue, “her voice is kind but it’s creepy too and sticks in my head”. Needless to say that Sato’s aunt has some serious problems but now that she’s official ‘not dead’ it’ll be interesting to see what part she’ll play in this story.

A face you can trust, surely…

Anything else you wanted to add? There’s very little of Sato’s ‘Happy Sugar Life’ (i.e. time spent with Shio) and it’s kind of illuminating because it goes to show how intrinsic those moments of pure, undiluted joy are absolutely essential to Sato’s mental well-being because even spending the 10 or so minutes we do spend with Sato’s aunt is pretty harrowing for all involved—I can’t imagine what kind of life Sato must have had spending every day, day after day with that woman. The more we understand about a person’s upbringing, what they went through, the more it makes seemingly evil deeds like kidnapping a minor and killing random people who get in the way all the more fathomable—and that in itself is scary.

I could have just filled this review of pictures of Sato’s aunt, she’s very photogenic, oh and crazy, did I mention crazy?

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