A Ghost Of A Chance – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 7 Review

A Ghost Of A Chance – An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 7

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 7.

So what happens at the Hot Springs this episode? You know despite having ‘Hot Springs’ in the title this show isn’t obligated to be set there every episode, in fact I’d say 95% of this episode happens off-site.

Fair enough, so what’s it about then? A new antagonist, who comes in the form of Ryuuga Genshiro, a woman obsessed lothario who’s trawling the hot springs town for a bride—but not just any bride but one with suitable spiritual power and being that it’s a small town it’s not long before he spies Yuuna doing an errand run with Koyuzu the tanuki girl. And so despite her protests he kidnaps Yuuna and brings her to be his bride and brings her back to his mysterious underground palace in order to do unspeakable things to her!

Erm, shouldn’t she have a say in this? Oh, right, villain. Never mind…

Oh no, what’s he do to her?! In his possession he has a device of true debauchery that forces any woman to be subjected to embarrassments the like no woman has ever had to endure. Like being dressed in a gym outfit, and a bunny-girl costume, and a nurse, among others! Oh the humanity!

Too good.

Are you trying to make a joke? I’m trying to relay the joke the show makes, that’s the thing about this new protagonist he’s actually very funny and ~almost~ charming as a result, and despite the whole “kidnapping” thing he’s not actually that threatening—at least not to Yuuna.

That’s him thinking about what Kogarashi is implied to have done to Yuuna, which makes the Black Dragon a tad jealous!

Which means? Well, this guy also happens to be a “god”, specifically the Black Dragon God—which is actually just a title given by ninja clans to enemies “too powerful” to defeat. And which of course Kogarashi, our fool-hardy protagonist decides he can beat—which I mean fair enough, he’s gotta rescue Yuuna after all. Plus he’s joined by Sagiri, who’s quickly moving up the list in terms of ‘who is best girl in this show’. It’s still narrowly Yuuna, but it’s close!

Oh, the bad guy lives there? Who would have thought!

So what happens? Well, not a lot actually, they infiltrate the underground palace’s grounds and Sagiri (as well as a miniature version of Koyuzu who’s come along because she feels responsible for not being able to protect Yuuna) decide to rescue Yuuna while Kogarashi draws the attention of the Black Dragon God, which he does by yelling insults at him from the front gate. Not exactly the most subtle of plans… It’s at this point he’s captured and the episode kind of just ends on that cliffhanger.

I eagerly await Kogarashi laying the smack down on the kidnapping bastard!

Multi-part episode eh? Yeah, and honestly it’s kind of refreshing from the multiple mini-stories per episode format that it had been entertaining for the previous three episodes. While those were nice in getting to know each of the characters a little, I much prefer the long-form format and this being a 2-part (at minimum) story-arc feels a lot more satisfying. It gives not only the plot room to breathe but the characters too; they don’t have to feel rushed into satisfying both a comedic and character-building component in a short period of time.

Another of many scenes I eagerly await to uncensored on blu-ray.

Anything else you wanted to add? Oh my god, Sagiri’s skin-tight ninja costume… I could just—

Nope! Enough of that! Boo…

Need I say more?

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