Long Time No Sea – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 9 Review

Long Time No Sea – An Anime QandA Review for ‘ISLAND’ Episode 9

What’s the show? ISLAND, Episode 9.

So last week ended on a interesting kind of cliffhanger, didn’t it? Yes, Setsuna stepping into a time machine (more accurately a stasis-device) with the intent of travelling to the future to find the inventor of said machine and somehow rescuing Rinne in the process.

And so where does Setsuna end up? Well, the future obviously! Specifically a dystopian future where the Island is the only inhabited place left on earth—protected for (presumably) centuries by a dome from the frozen wasteland that rages outside. A religious based government has complete control over the citizens, rationing out food to only ‘approved’ citizens while those who aren’t approved (or “untagged” as the show calls it) have to fight for survival against a system that oppresses and murders any children that are born without “approval” or who are orphans.

This is not the show it was last week!

…Okay, that’s certainly a stylistically dramatic difference to what’s come before— Absolutely. Gone are the bright summery beach scenes and laid back small town aesthetics, instead replaced with Soviet Russia-esque oppression and the bleak winter of a world frozen to the brink of extinction.

Hardly seems like it’s ‘Island’ anymore. And the show knows it! Not only does the opening and closing credits change to something suitably dark, but the show’s name is changed to ‘NEVER ISLAND’. Which… okay not the best choices of titles but it’s still a pretty impactful thing to see and truly makes the statement loud and clear that the game has changed!

I feel like people will be using this title as a joke towards their negative opinions of the show…

And what about our characters? Well it seems spending so much time in stasis has sort of reset Setsuna’s mind to how it was in the very first episode—albeit with the added urgency of his oppressive new life. He still knows he has to save a girl and presumes that girl is Rinne, who in this time is something of a quirky inventor girl, which is a good look on her! Karen is the leader of the group of tag-less orphans who live far underground and she’s even more spunky and even more tsun then before. Plus she’s sexually active (I think the little girl Anne is her daughter?) she even goes about trying to seduce Setsuna in ridiculously skimpy lingerie—but more on that later!

Sign me up!

Please, less on that later. Sure sure, also I’d say the ~biggest~ change, is Sara who’s chest has finally matched the size of her hair (that is to say, big) and she’s the daughter of the head of the religious organisation that controls the island.

Cute, no matter the costume!

That’s… certainly a lot to unpack. And I haven’t even got to the actual ~plot~ of the episode that’s just the setting and the characters, granted it helps knowing more or less who these characters are intrinsically but so much happens that it’s absolutely a disservice to try and explain it all.

Just like blog posts without tags, they’re still blog posts!

Did you want to speed-run it? Sure. So basically church-government is bad, doing bad things to innocent people, Sara wants to help the homeless starving orphans because she’s a good person, Karen wants to bring down the church-government to help her people, Rinne wants to save the island and thus humanity in the process and Setsuna wants to help them all. A lot happens in this episode but it’s mostly set-up and I’m not sure how many episode we’re going to spend in the ‘Never Island’ version of this show, but it’ll at least be one-more since this episode ends without a resolution.

I mean I’d like ‘Island’ to go as long as possible too, but I’m pretty sure it’s only going to be 1 cour.

And what’s your opinion on this change? I think it’s great, I honestly love that the show’s taken this direction for the story and committed to it so whole-heartedly. It’s just the same problem I had last week and more or less every week the more I think about it—this show needs to be longer! I’m at least glad this current ‘arc’ is going to be more than one episode, but assuming this series is going to be 12/13 episodes (which hasn’t actually been confirmed but is a strong assumption) I am worried that the resolution will be unsatisfying. That aside though I love this episode—even if best girl Rinne’s outfit isn’t quite as cute as her previous one.

Got your priorities in order I see… Hey, at least I didn’t spend the review talking about Sara’s lingerie!

And nor will you, end of review!

I know what I want to worship!

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3 thoughts on “Long Time No Sea – ‘ISLAND’ Episode 9 Review”

  1. It’s an interesting kind of twist, but the show’s starting to remind me a little bit too much of Ushinawareta, with the time traveling and saving people and people not really knowing what’s going on (and that show kind of became a hot mess). And people gave Darling in the FranXX a hard time for talking about reincarnation and having future Hiro and Future 02 meet, yet this show has basically the whole cast remade through multiple time periods.

    And while I know you probably don’t mind, it’s getting a little whiplash-y with the “We’re gonna be serious now and have this story about poverty and dystopian futu-BOOBS! *ahem* I mean the have-nots and the have-a-little-more-than-the-have-nots and the battle to save the…skimpy panties! Wait, no, we’re not saving the skimpy panties, we’re saving Rinne and Sara from the past, and by the way did you see Sara’s giant rack? NO! I mean, that she’s the head priestess now.” I’m saying it’s detracting from the attempt to tell a story.

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