Like A Batsu Outta Hell – ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 8 Review

Like A Batsu Outta Hell – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 8

What’s the show? Asobi Asobase, Episode 8.

So what happens this week? You know, standard episode of Asobi Asobase, that is to say it’s completely and utterly insane and I loved every damn minute of it!

Right, care to elaborate on any of it? We’ve gotten to the point where reviewing this show is hard—unless it does something wrong, which it didn’t—though I will say it’s definitely a ~period piece~ what with the casual reference to the Panama Papers last episode and a full segment devoted to a ‘Pokemon Go’-esque smartphone game, this show is very 2016. Which is a weird thing to say because I mean we’re only talking a couple of years now… I don’t know if this’ll be a problem in 5 or 10 years time when people are like, “what’s that a reference to?” but it was just a thought I had…

She takes too much joy out of her friends suffering, I love it.

Okay let’s start there, what’s the “Pokemon Go-esque smartphone game” being played? Olivia has a game called “Bacteri Go” which is a super-advanced version of the aforementioned popular ‘augmented reality’ smartphone game which somehow allows her to detect bacteria on anything she points her phone’s camera at and collect a cutesy version of said bacteria. At first I thought it was just Olivia being silly and making her friends feel uncomfortable about their hygiene but when Olivia detects faecal matter on Hanako’s writing mat and we get a flashback to Hanako’s cat wiping its butt on her mat back at home. Also, a returning reference to Olivia’s body odour problems.

Me, playing Gal Gun 2.

I see. And the second segment? We get a segment that falls into the “realistic” category, that is to say it’s about something distinctly ‘teenage girl’ (like last week’s segment about Kasumi having breasts too big to fit shirts with cute pictures on them). This episode it’s about Hanako having been pressured into buying a ridiculous outfit and Hanako finding who of her friends was responsible and then it goes distinctively ‘Asobi Asobase’ by Hanako calling Olivia and Oliva going down a deranged thought process about the true meaning of the phrase “virgin killer”—which Olivia has dubbed her clothing choice. It’s complicated to say the least but it’s still hilarious watching how Hanako’s mind works… speaking of which…

Hanako on virgins.

The third segment? Hanako is quickly seeming like the protagonist—or at least the frequent instigator of madness—as again she draws the focus with her hand-made Sugoroku game that is 100% bad choices, and as the three girls play things get worse and worse for them as the ‘batsu’ or punishments designated on each spot on the game board escalate until the girls were traumatised with embarrassment and I was crippled with laughter.


That good, huh? The third segment was among the best this series has afforded, and spending so much time with Hanako’s character ‘in charge’ shows just how amazing of a voice actress she has—the range this girl has, even within a single scene is phenomenal.

Anything else you want to add? The scene with their teacher and him “reacting” to their punishments was pure gold. Plus I must say I think I have a soft spot for Kasumi’s koala impression… All in all, this pure madness of the highest calibre and I loved every minute of it!

He’s a good sport, even if it ended up with him in the nurse’s office.

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