The ‘ISLAND’ Visual Novel/Anime Physical Copy Kickstarter

A short post talking about the ISLAND Visual Novel/Anime Physical Copy Kickstarter

Hello everyone, I thought I’d make a quick post about something that I thought was very cool and am proud to be backing on Kickstarter. Frontwing developer of visual novels most notably The Grisaia series and most recently ISLAND, have started a Kickstarter for a physical copy release of the Visual Novel ‘ISLAND’ which is currently airing as a part of the Summer 2018 anime season. But not only that some of their larger Kickstarter rewards are really cool, like art-books, deluxe blu-ray copies of the anime, a Kickstarter exclusive tapestry and T-shirt! Being such a fan of the anime series (especially after Episode 9 which was a game-changer in many ways) I was keen to show my support and have pledged $366US (or ~$500AU) to not only help them reach their goal but to get these really awesome goodies!

This is NOT a sponsored post by the way (though Frontwing if you’re reading, *hint hint*) I’ve contributed my hard-earned money because not only do I think the merch more than makes up for the price but I think this is a really good way of bringing the kind of quality, all-encompassing experience to the West—who I feel are often overlooked when it comes to getting ‘exclusive’ anime and visual novel related goodies. I follow a lot of anime stores (like Animate, Toranoana, Melon Books, etc.) on Twitter and I’m always jealous about the cool deluxe edition blu-ray’s that they get which come with exclusive merch and artwork. And it’s not as simple as ordering them online because the blu-ray’s don’t have English subtitles. Which is what makes this Kickstarter so cool and exciting for me, being able to have a deluxe product of one of my favourite anime’s of the season with English subtitles is like a dream come true!

Obviously this kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but I’ve always thought that this kind of crowd-sourcing approach to bringing what’s otherwise Japanese-exclusive products (such as Visual Novels and Anime blu-rays) to the rest of the world is the most logical step forward and prevents the kind of gate-keeping that some companies in Japan seem to have with their products being sold overseas. I’m glad that Frontwing is being so inclusive of their fans from around the world and the sheer quality of the products they make as well as the Kickstarter rewards they provide have made me proud to be supporting them! If you’re a fan of the ‘ISLAND’ anime and want to see more or simply love merch and deluxe editions and gorgeous art books as much as I do, consider supporting them too! Also if you haven’t already watched ISLAND and need some convincing my reviews for the episodes that have aired are below (but be aware they’re full of spoilers).

Episode Reviews of ISLAND:

The Island of Mysterious Loli’s – Episode 1 Review
A Loli A Day… – Episode 2 Review
Dreams Of Fan Service – Episode 3 Review
One Wedding and a Belated Funeral – Episode 4 Review
Is Giving Birth To Yourself Possible? – Episode 5 Review
The World Will End With A Bang – Episode 6 Review
A Storm In An A-Cup – Episode 7 Review
An Ocean Between Us – Episode 8 Review
Long Time No Sea – Episode 9 Review
Episode 10 Review Coming Soon
Episode 11 Review Coming Soon
Episode 12 Review Coming Soon

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

7 thoughts on “The ‘ISLAND’ Visual Novel/Anime Physical Copy Kickstarter”

  1. Almost 44k dollars pledged from 289 backers?
    I do like the idea of crowdfunding localization though. I often see reliability problems with them… But it almost makes me interested in checking out this series again since it has such passionate fans.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah we’re a dedicated bunch apparently, I didn’t even think twice about pledging so much money and it’s not like I’m rolling in cash, but for something like this it was a no-brainer—at least for me!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think Kickstarter really is awesome in getting things done. I have never backed something because I have had some bad experiences with only money transfers, but I am glad that it exists!. And I ofcourse totally hope for you that this one will be succesful, but it sounds like it is 😊😊

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