Holier Than Maou – ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 9 Review

Holier Than Maou – An Anime QandA Review of ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’ Episode 9

What’s the show? How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord, Episode 9.

So last week you were expecting some repercussions for Diablo’s sexual advances on Sylvie and that you’d be annoyed if it didn’t happen— Listen! I say a lot of things…

So I take it no repercussions then, hmm? Well not yet! Sylvie doesn’t even appear in the episode so maybe it’s coming later… you don’t know!

Sounds like you’re just making excuses for your perverted show… Can we just get on with the review please? So after a brief lesson in summoning where Shera summons a Pokemon-looking bird that allows her to see through its eyes like Wargs in Game of Thrones (two pop-culture references in one sentence how about that!). We end up at the most important scene in the episode, the bathing in the river scene!

Correct! *watches*

I know you’re being difficult on purpose now. What, it’s true! Edelgard, the leader of the Fallen who Diablo previously defeated in episode 3 makes her presence known as Shera and Rem are bathing—she’s here because she senses the presence of the Demon Lord Krebskulm residing in Rem which they confirm for her. They form an alliance with Edelgard because she has the knowledge of getting the Demon Lord out of Rem without any harm coming to her.

Cute expression from Edelgard!

Well that’s certainly helpful. I love the scene where Rem finally tells the truth of her situation to Shera—who’s been kept in the dark this whole time. These two girls have a genuine friendship, they are literally each others best friends and it’s just great to see this kind of connection in a show like this where usually the two main girls would be bitter love rivals for the protagonists attention.

Shera kissing her new summon, so cute!

I take it that’s not all that happens in the episode? Of course not. Alicia the Knight has returned to the capital where she visits an old acquaintance a holy man and ruthless Paladin by the name of Saddler who will kill anyone and everyone associated with a demon lord. He’s planning on visiting Faltra, the city Diablo, Rem and Shera are in so she hurries back to warn them about his impending arrival.

Yeah… guessing he’s the new bad guy!

So is Alicia good or not? There was some ‘suggestion’ that she may have had a dark past or was hiding something from the others. Well things aren’t made any clearer—after they temporarily ward off Saddler, Rem and Shera want to tell Alicia about the whole ‘Demon Lord living in Rem’ thing because they think of her as a friend and ally too. Diablo is initially against the idea but relents, the anime makes a point of him feeling suspicious of how accommodating Alicia is of learning of this news, but then has him dismiss his thoughts as being “inexperienced with social interactions”. I feel like they wouldn’t have bothered with this unless there was ‘betrayal’ imminent—which would be sad as I like Alicia’s character as she is.


Anything else you want to add? Not really, this was a good solid episode that gets things set up for the end-game, we’ve got multiple antagonists in play, Galford, now Saddler, and potential betrayals from Edelgard and Alicia. Plus there’s the impending summoning of the Demon Lord Krebskulm to factor into it—even if the ‘episode preview’ for next week kind of spoils the “big” reveal. My opinion on the show hasn’t changed, I love the characters, the setting and the ‘service so once again another great time that has me eagerly awaiting the next episode!

I think Rem’s a little jealous…

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