Pipe Dreams – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 9 Review

Pipe Dreams – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 9

What’s the show? Chio’s School Road, Episode 9.

So what happens on the way to school this week? A mix of hilarity and awkwardness—in both segments, makes for an uneven experience to say the least.

Oh, so it has problems, does it? The main problem with this episode is how much you enjoy older men preying on younger girls—which does seem to be the theme of this episode. Now watch me make a case for it in true reckless reviewing fashion!

Well I’ll admit it does sound a bit problematic, but you do love playing devil’s advocate so go ahead… It’s only problematic if you view this show as taking place in anything resembling reality, which I mean sure, is a pretty lame defence of something problematic but I think its viable to say that because this show is so exaggerated with reality. Having Chio and Manana befriending a homeless pervert and Chio getting a makeover from the guy only for the entire ‘sketch’ to punctuated by him exclaiming how much he enjoys spending time with high-school girls—it kind of feels like a joke Family Guy would pull except it’s stretched out for 10 minutes.

What have they done to you, Chio!

So wait, are you defending it or not? I’m confused. I think, as a character, the homeless pervert is fine in small doses but spending 10+ minutes with him is a bit grating, also there were probably better ways of handling this bit. There are genuine laughs to be had with Chio’s Marilyn Monroe style first makeover and then her elaborate pole dancing routine while wearing a top-knot style wig—all of this taking place at a shrine too. I was laughing out loud at these moments; it’s just whether they needed to be saddled with the homeless pervert or whether these comedic bits could have been done with any other character playing the role of the makeover artist.

I don’t know how to feel about this…

Wait, pole dancing? Yeah, she learnt it from playing Grand Theft Auto—see video games don’t always lead to learning violent things! They can teach sexy things too!

I love how terrible this looks.

I’m going to ignore that comment. Earlier, but you mentioned “older men preying on young girls”—plural. What happens in the second segment? Old mate Andou shows up again and guess what, our once tough blonde haired biker dude has a crush on Chio—which is adorable?(??)

I take it you’re conflicted about this. Again it’s all about the context of this show and whether this falls into reality or not. Obviously a 20something (possibly even 30something) year old man wanting to date a high school is ~not cool~ in our reality but in the world of Chio’s School Road… I mean maybe it’s okay? I mean if nothing else Andou is an absolute sweet heart, even going as far as playing a plethora of BL (Boy’s Love) games and even pretending to be gay and have a boyfriend in order to be relevant to her interests. But even that backfires because Chio is only new to the world of BL and doesn’t recognise the specific (but apparently popular) move Andou is putting on his “boyfriend”.


Poor Andou… wait, why am I rooting for this relationship? This wrong! I know right but at the same time I kinda wanna see them date… is that wrong? It’s definitely wrong… and yet… okay I’ll stop now.

I would!

Probably for the best. So anything else you wanted to add? As always this show, even if it’s doing something off-colour or problematic or even just not as consistently funny it always has enough going on around the segments to remain quotable and funny. Like with Chio’s sudden fascination with a large water pipe (going as far to say she’d marry the person who proposed to her while standing on it) and not to mention the little character moment where the hint of a relationship between Chio and Manana was rekindled. All in all I’m mostly enjoying this show for its characters and on that front this episode delivers.

This is the best line in any anime ever. I want to use this in real life.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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8 thoughts on “Pipe Dreams – ‘Chio’s School Road’ Episode 9 Review”

  1. lol! That last line is probably something I would actually use in my daily life (as a roadway designer civil engineer). As for the show, tho, I quit watching it a few episodes ago. Just too ‘edgy’ for me, I feel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m fine with the andou thing because we can say with 99% confidence he isn’t going to succeed.
    I think it’s funny that hes totally into this young lame girl despite being a “bad boy”, but only because we know he more or less destined to fail.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that more or less goes into what I was saying about this not taking place in reality. Because this is an anime and not a romance anime we ~know~ Chio is “safe” from Andou. But were this analogous to real life I doubt we’d be saying the same!

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