Research and Rescue – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 19 Review

Research and Rescue – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 19

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 19.

So more hero license training? You know it!

And is it a good episode? Mostly so. It’s got quite a few good jokes—even Mineta who’s usually a chore isn’t too bad here. The biggest problem I had with this episode is the stakes—usually something this show does well, didn’t feel quite as high here.


And why do you think that is? Well this part of the licencing exam requires the hundred heroes who passed the previous assessment to rescue actors who are playing trapped and injured bystanders around several different disaster sites and I mean kudos to the show for the idea of making the people being rescued the ones scoring the students but there just doesn’t feel like much emotional or physical stakes in practicing rescuing people.

What a weird bunch.

So real rescues would have been better? Assuredly, impractical of course—you can’t just wait around for a disaster to happen to rescue people, but I don’t know, as interesting as it was to see the different heroes using their different abilities to rescue people the whole time I couldn’t think about how much more compelling this would be if these were real rescues, with real lives on the line. This kinda felt like the stuff these kids should’ve been doing in season 1 or 2 not here at the tail end of season 3.

This “kid” was kinda annoying.

Anything else you wanted to talk about? Another slight annoyance, I was ~actually~ getting invested in Ochako’s blooming feelings for Midoriya and I thought having Utsushimi being a sort of love rival would spur her on to confess how she really feels but instead Ochako decides to push her feelings down and concentrate on being the best hero… Lame! I don’t want that! I want to see those two dating already!

Do you think they’re setting it up so it can become a plot line later? I get the feeling it’s going to be a long time before any romance happens—the best we can hope for is some of the other Class 1-A students start pairing up and maybe that creates the catalyst for Midoriya and Ochako to start a relationship!

Ochako just wants the D… by which I mean Deku, of course! Minds out of the gutter!

So what’d you think of the episode overall? It’s an entertaining 25 minutes that lacks any substantial threat—even the introduction of Gang Orca to ‘act’ as villains to fight against, making the rescues more difficult kinda felt weak. But hopefully it will improve—though we have to wait an extra week as next week’s episode is unrelated to the main plot and is an “anime original”—no doubt to tie into the release of the theatrical film.

Standard Bakugo.

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