Bad Girls Have The Best Outfits – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 10 Review

Bad Girls Have The Best Outfits – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Seven Senses of the Re’Union, Episode 10.

So what happens in this episode? You know, I actually had to think for a moment ‘what ~did~ happen in this week’s episode?’ and it took me a while before I remembered.

All that drinking affecting your memory, eh? Ha-ha. No, it’s just despite all that’s going on in this show there’s also so little forward plot momentum that I wonder if the people responsible for this adaptation are going to even bother having a satisfying conclusion—because at this point, I don’t see it being possible!

*pensive thoughts intensify*

That bad, huh? It wasn’t even that terrible of an episode—this show is if nothing else pretty consistently ~okay~ which I know doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement but on the technical side it’s always top-notch and in today’s crowded and hurried anime world that’s become something of a rare thing. But the plot is so meandering I wonder if time wouldn’t be better spent setting up the end-game. Of course given that this is based on an ongoing light novel series it could be that the end game is as far of as it feels and we shouldn’t be expecting a conclusion at all!

You can do so much better Satsuki, forget about Haruto!

Would you be upset about that? Eh… I mean, I wouldn’t say it’d ruin the show.

So then why all the complaining about it? It’s just the lack of forward plot development is hampering my enjoyment of the series—which admittedly has ebbed throughout—besides, like I commented last week the relationship stuff, which took a front-seat last episode still seems to be the focus in this week’s episode and I kinda couldn’t care less…

This line made me laugh, so edgy!

Why? Don’t you care about these characters? I do, and I’m not going to be one of those people who complains about “why are these characters acting so immature about relationships”, I’m not that blind to realise that 16-year-old’s are ~terrible~ at relationships, especially ones that are being resumed from when they were 11 years old. Their feelings are complicated and dumb and messy but likewise, not at all interesting. What is interesting is the central idea that sold me on the show in the first place, a girl who’s dead in real life but alive in a video game. But if we’re going off the last two episodes it’s almost like they forgot that is even a priority!

Go home Asahi, you’re drunk!

I could ask what happens but I feel like that’s kind of pointless at this stage. Oh I can tell you. Haruto and Satsuki are working through their awkward feelings for each other after Haruto chose Asahi over her. Meanwhile, following on from last-week Nozomi has disappeared, with the help of Clive’s cyber-sleuthing they find her in-game character is in a sky castle and so they go to see what’s happened. Inside they find that Nozomi has gone dark-side after having her feelings hurt by seeing her crush Takanori dancing with Satsuki at the Ball. Nozomi’s joined forces with the evil faction Gnosis and as ‘revenge’ Nozomi puts a curse on Asahi.

Can I join too?

‘Kay… I loved Nozomi’s ‘bad girl’ outfit, she’s sexy as heck.

Glad you got something out of this episode—man this review kinda just died didn’t it? It’s hard to talk about something that’s not actually bad, but isn’t that interesting either. It’s competently mediocre with dashes of interest thrown in, I don’t know—it’s something to pass the time I suppose but ultimately, as things are now, it’s pretty damn forgettable.

Except Nozomi, nothing forgettable about her! Shame she’ll probably end up reverting to her boring self at the end of next episode…

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2 thoughts on “Bad Girls Have The Best Outfits – ‘Seven Senses of the Re’Union’ Episode 10 Review”

  1. Rule 1 of an adaptation of LN series that are ongoing, especially romance ones, is that it won’t have a satisfying conclusion to a series. Also, shows that heavily feature romance rarely seem to have a conclusion at all. At most, they find some sort of detente at the end, and finish with no real progress. Sounds like this show is just doing the “no real progress” thing throughout.

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