The Toast of Harem-hall – ‘The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar’ Episode 10 Review

The Toast of Harem-hall – An Anime QandA Review of ‘The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar’ Episode 10

What’s the show? The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar, Episode 10.

So what happens in this episode? Is it a good one or a not so good one? Hey, it can be both!

Wait, so good and not so good at the same time? Yes. Such things are possible, believe it or not.

I mean you’d make that face too if you’d never eaten a hamburger before.

Oh I see, so let me guess there’s ‘harem shenanigans’ which you deem as good and then there’s ‘miscellaneous other’ which you deem as not so good? …Damn, you know me too well…

Right. So what kind of harem shenanigans are we in for? Basically, Yuuto invites the new girl Leafa who he found from last episode who looks uncannily like his best friend back home—to the point where multiple people are mistaking her for Mitsuki.

Is she up to no good? Or is this show just inconsistent?

And is she Mitsuki? Apparently not—but then again this show could be trying to play a trick on us—apparently she’s not only one of the most powerful magic users in the kingdom but she’s also the Divine Emperor too.

Okay, and is that important? Apparently, all I know is there’s a welcoming party and suddenly everyone’s drinking and taking off their clothes and rubbing their breasts at Yuuto and I can already imagine so many people who are watching this for the ‘actual’ plot tearing their hair out over these shenanigans.

Harem + alcohol = shenanigans!

But not you though, eh? Damn straight! I live for this shit and while I was not-so secretly hoping this kind of nonsense would continue for the rest of the episode alas at the half-way point things get “serious” and I sense my eyes glazing over from boredom.

I very much doubt they’d share a kiss if it didn’t end up that this girl was Mitsuki.

Serious how? Well, three damn months pass during the ‘ad-break’ at which point apparently Yuuto and Leafa have become close friends—close enough for Leafa to plant a kiss on Yuuto without nary a word of resistance. Then the battle starts and I’m just left wondering how much important information was left to the Light Novels for those intervening three months and how much I’d rather be watching that than another threat-free series of battles that seemingly amount to nothing. Especially now that we’re fighting antagonist number 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Iron umbrellas, apparently very effective at defeating cross-bow volleys, and it looks as dumb as it sounds.

Oh~ really! And who wins? Oh I’m sorry were we talking about something, I dozed off their for a second…

Really?! You’re doing that now of all times? I told you I didn’t care for the action in this show—it’s gotten weaker and weaker as the show progresses, which in of itself is of wretched villainy—besides, it’s not like we’ll never see them again. Right? For a show that’s so heavy on the casualties of war there’s very little ~actual~ threat levelled against any of our protagonists. Maybe the show will be daring and kill off someone important but somehow I doubt it.

I guess she was sweaty?

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