The Things That Go Hump In The Night – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 9 Review

The Things That Go Hump In The Night – An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 9

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 9.

So what happens in this episode? You know how you’re always ragging on me about how perverted and fan service-y this show is and I keep telling you, “no, it’s not just that it’s also warm and wholesome and has considerable character development”?

Yes, I do recall something to that affect. Why do you bring that up? Well we’ve officially got an episode that is pretty much just wall-to-wall fan service, so feel free to insult me and criticise me all you want!

Welcome to our inn?

Eh~ it’s not as much fun when you’re inviting me to do so, I like knocking you down when you’re desperately trying to defend something! Wow, you’re kinda sadistic, you know that?

I take what fun I can find in this job. So, eh, a fan-service episode of an ecchi/harem series, I’m almost terrified to ask… So the plot of the episode is Chisaki is coming to visit her ghostly BFF Yuuna at the hot springs inn, and from the second she opens the door there’s shenanigans what with last week’s addition to the harem Oboro straddling Kogarashi, half-naked and trying to get him to impregnate her. Kogarashi leaves for the weekend—having to take care of a job that’ll take all night, leaving the girls of the inn to introduce themselves to Chisaki. Things quiet down a little as they share a meal and invite Chisaki to stay over the night for a sleepover but as soon as they hit the hot springs for a soak, things really start to steam up!

Man, that steam sure is hovering in some very specific places!

Booo! Lame joke, please continues. Tsk, so obviously this scene is heavily censored—making the prospect all the more exciting for the impending uncensored blu-ray, but seeing as I have the manga I’ve more or less seen the black-and-white version of all the fan service already, still it’s something to look forward to!

*rolls eyes* So what happens after that? After that it’s time for some typical ‘girls having a sleepover’ fun—excluding the pillow fight, which was kind of a surprise, but appreciated as I think pillow fights are kinda lame anyway. So Chisaki is sharing Yuuna’s room with Koyuzu the tanuki girl and after some talk about relationships and some costume play courtesy of Koyuzu’s shape-shifting powers they go to sleep and that’s when the real fun starts.

I’m gonna need a minute…

While they’re sleeping? That’s… unusual? It might be for any other show but Yuuna’s a notorious sleeping habits means very quickly Chisaki feels the full weight of Yunna’s naked body on top of her and from there things quickly spiral—especially after an exhausted Kogarashi comes home early from his job and lies next to Chisaki who he didn’t know was spending the night.

I’ve heard of sleep-walking but sleep groping? Wait of course I’ve heard of sleep groping this is an ecchi after all…

Oh boy. What’s he do? Well not a lot, it’s more what happens ~around~ him that makes this scene a cavalcade of lewd shenanigans, first Chisaki loses her top, then her bottoms, falls in a compromising position with Kogarashi in full view of her backside—meanwhile Koyuzu sees Chisaki’s breasts presented in front of her and the oppai obsessed Tanuki thinks she’s dreaming and takes the opportunity to have a suck on her nipples. Which then causes Chisaki to tumble back and sit on Kogarashi’s face—remember she’s sans-underwear at this point too!

Slam dunk!

…I don’t even know what to say at this point. Yeah, I was pretty speechless too!

Undoubtedly for different reasons I’m guessing. So what does Kogarashi do in reaction to this? This isn’t the first time he’s been woken with a face full of someone’s privates, Yunna’s done it to him before too. So it only ~mildly~ flusters him, though Chisaki being the honest, good girl that she is is mortified and worried that she’s ‘revved his engine’ so to speak. Her mothers words about boys taking advantage of girls ringing in her ears as she cowers, but Kogarashi being the gentlemen that he is, simply pulls the covers over her naked body and goes back to sleep.

Chisaki, so pure.

‘Good Guy Kogarashi’, huh? Pretty much. And if that weren’t enough shenanigans Oboro comes in still intent on securing Kogarashi’s “seed”. Again Chisaki presumes the worst of Kogarashi and that he’ll succumb to his baser instincts but once again ‘Good Guy Kogarashi’ answers the call and sets her straight, saying he doesn’t intend to have sex with anyone unless he’s in love with them and they likewise. Respecting his wishes (for now) Oboro leaves, but not before declaring her new goal—to make him fall in love with her.

The self control this man has.

Well… that was certainly an ‘eventful’ episode… So where’s this episode rank among the others? I’ve always said I’m fond of ‘harem shenanigans’—especially when the male protagonist isn’t partaking but rather things are happening to him and these were some pretty epic-tier shenanigans. That said, I think this show is at it’s best when it balances the shenanigans with the heart and the balance was decidedly off this week. But regardless I enjoyed it a lot and look forward to a bit less fan service focus on next week’s episode—oh wait never mind it’s a beach episode!

Also we get to see what Kouzu looks like aged up and, yes please!

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