A Warning Shota – ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 10 Review

A Warning Shota – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou, Episode 10.

So what kind of shenanigans are perpetrated on this young boy this episode? That’s a very accusatory tone to give this show!

Sorry, just felt like saying something different at the start of the review… Right.

So what happens? Aki is kidnapped by some thirsty shotacon girls and they don’t allow him to go home until they’re satisfied.

Ahem… I think I’ll retract my apology. So care to explain that statement? You remember Nana’s boy-hungry classmates from a couple of previous episodes—Maiko and Uchifuji, well Aki bumps into them on his way home and they basically decide to make him their plaything as they go to karaoke. I’ve occasionally said in the reviews for this show that if the genders were switched this show would probably be a lot more problematic, but a lot of the time that’s kinda implausible because this is often about a boy being in proximity to large breasts and that in-turn making him flustered. Here however we could easily make the comparative switch, because the girls here have him sit on their lap, nibble his ear, stroke his thighs and kiss him on the cheek—all without asking him first. Pretty easy to imagine the gender flipped version of this and how inappropriate that would come across.

It’s hard to sing when girls are trying to grab your junk.

Wow. So are you finally taking a hard stance against this show? Nah.

Wait, what?! Yeah, I mean why should I? I enjoyed this episode—probably more than any of the previous ones, so why let a little thing like reality spoil my fun?

But “problematic” and “predatory” and all your favourite little buzzwords you like to pepper into your reviews to make it seems like you have a moral compass? You really want me to go down this road? Okay ~fine~ but I’m only going to touch on it because there’s far worse things happening in anime then some silly show like this. Yes, Nana and her friends continually engage in predatory behaviour to Aki, yes the power dynamics are shifted in favour of the aggressors and yes this essentially a course on ‘Problematic Anime Shenanigans 101’ but not everything has a 1:1 relation to reality. There’s a saying that no media exists in a vacuum but some media exists in hyper-reality, where applying analogous symbolism warrants no benefit… there, have I said enough ‘big’ and ‘smart’ words that I can continue talking about this dumb show that I like more than I should?

I actually really like these girls, even though they’re borderline rapists.

I honestly stopped caring after the first sentence, knock yourself out buddy! After Aki ‘escapes’ the thirsty girls, he arrives home to a couple of different thirsty girls, namely Ayaka and Nishiki (the liquor store owner) who are drunk and DTF (down to fondle) and set upon the other girls in the dorm while Aki quietly slinks away.

And then? It’s time for a date! As Ayaka takes Aki to the aquarium and as it turns out Aki is particularly fond of penguins! N-not that he wants Miss Caretaker to find out as apparently he thinks its unmanly to find cute things cute. Poor Aki, forever measuring himself against notions of toxic masculinity. Hey, now there’s a subject I can rant on for about a million words—

Aki’s got his eyes on a couple of penguins that Ayaka is smuggling under her cardigan.

Nope! Wrap this shit up pronto! Tch. Well after the aquarium date which goes swimmingly (pun!) Aki gets royally triggered as the other girls in the dorm decide to play ‘brothers and sisters’ which basically just acts as an elongated (but hilarious) introduction to the last remaining female characters who appears in the opening credits but has yet to appear in the show. That’s right, it’s Episode 10 of 12 and we’re introducing a new character! Except this one is kinda important and has been foreshadowed since the early episodes… that’s right, it’s Aki’s actual big sister the one who has been the source of a lot of his older-women related PTSD. And my god… the tease of her introduction is absolutely flawless, like something out of a horror movie, and god I love this sleazy/wholesome show!

Her arrival is like something out of the Exorcist or something!

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