A Heat Stroke Of Luck – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 11 Review

A Heat Stroke Of Luck – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Cells At Work!, Episode 11.

What happens this episode? Global Warming.

Excuse me? I mean the show said it, not me. But yeah this episode is about heatstroke and it’s kind of telling that this body fights off cancer but almost succumbs to heatstroke of all things! But then again in Japan heatstroke is a big killer so it’s not surprising the show took this stance.

Right, and how does one defeat heatstroke—at least in the context of this show? That’s something that was the most interesting about this episode is that the usual white blood cell approach to “stabbing the bad things” doesn’t work here. The body has its systems in place to deal with overheating, stuff like sweat evaporating and cooling the body as well as the blood circulating closer to the surface of the skin—but when these two approaches don’t work things get serious!

Even Platelet’s need to hydrate!

What happens? Well the body gets dizzy and faints, which as it turns out is a scary prospect for our little cells! The scenes with them all hot and trapped in the dark was like something out of a disaster movie! Poor little things!


Oh no! Is this the end for them? Well without outside intervention it would have been the end but thankfully the ‘body’ gets an intravenous injection—which floods the area with the much needed missing fluids and the body eventually returns to normal!

They’re so happy!

So it wasn’t the cells that saved the day but rather modern medicine? Pretty much, which is a nice change of pace. There’s still action in this episode, because I guess they assumed not having any would strain our attention span too much but honestly I could have done without the White Blood Cell chasing down the Bacillus cereus germ scenes. I was more than content having the Red Blood Cells babysit the Platelet’s it was so damn cute! But at the same time it did have a narrative purpose in showing that not all problems can be solved with White Blood Cell’s and that there are certain germs that thrive when our bodies are suffering.


So what’s your opinion on the episode? Visually it was great, and it was a nice change of pace seeing ~all~ the cells being affected by something that would seem otherwise innocuous but it just goes to show that heatstroke and dehydration is a big deal! Plus I admit to being a fan of seeing AE3803 in her skivvies, though is it wrong that I was kinda hoping this would turn into a beach episode? Yeah, that’s probably wrong of me to say… Anyway, it was fun—as expected, and the Platelet service was pretty much perfect so no complaints from me!

What an adorable scene, just don’t mind the passed out cell in the background…

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One thought on “A Heat Stroke Of Luck – ‘Cells At Work!’ Episode 11 Review”

  1. Lol…sorry it didn’t turn into a beach episode. But…I have to say that I really enjoyed this episode as well. I liked the way the landscapes looked at certain points during the episode. And well…we almost lost White Blood Cell (and at a certain moment I thought we did). All in all definitely one of the better episodes of this entire season 😊😊

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