I Dream Of Bikinis – ‘Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs’ Episode 10 Review

I Dream Of Bikinis – An Anime QandA Review of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Episode 10

What’s the show? Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs, Episode 10.

So what happens in this episode? It’s a bikini bonanza, a smorgasbord of swimwear, a—

—Stop! I get it, it’s a beach episode… that’s all you needed to say! Not just a beach episode but a trying on of bikinis before leaving for the trip ~plus~ the titular beach episode all in one ample handful!

The eternal dilemma for a girl not the least bit fashion-savvy.

Your enthusiasm would be infectious if it wasn’t so despicable… so is this whole review going to be about you ogling anime girls in bikinis, should I let the more discerning readers know they can skip this review? There’s a plot in there too! We’re also introduced to two new characters, anime based on manga’s have the tendency to introduce new characters late in the run because it’s around volume 3 or 4 of the manga that new characters get introduced too so the anime follows suit, no matter how pointless it might seem for the initiated audience who are only expecting a single season.

Me neither, bro.

Are they any good? The way you word that leads my answer to be open to interpretation, so I’ll run with it—yes there’s Urakata Urara (try saying that ten times fast) and she’s one of Sagiri’s classmates and a fellow ninja affiliated with her clan. She’s also your typical genki girl and pretty cute to boot! She’s the one who convinces Sagiri to get a new bikini for the school trip and they get up to all sorts of wonderful shenanigans in the changing room!

Urakata isn’t happy about the size discrepancy between them.

…Right, and the other girl? That’d be Kanazawa Seri—a long time friend of Chisaki, she’s got a bit of a reformed bad-girl aesthetic and can get riled up pretty quickly but she’s pretty hot to boot!

Uh-huh, so is there any reason why these new girls are showing up all of a sudden? Don’t we have a cast of female characters waiting back at the hot springs? Well with the exception of Sagiri none of the girls back at the hot springs inn go to Kogarashi’s high school so when this show wants to partake in some school related shenanigans it has to broaden its horizons and therefore its female cast if it wants to make the most of things like beach episodes!

Kanazawa is the brunette on the right.

…So they’re basically just there to up the fan-service body count? When you put it like that it sounds so demeaning! They’re well written characters with individual personalities and interests and relationships with one-another and oh, what’s that coming out of the water? It’s a giant tentacle monster that strips off bikinis!

Seriously?! It’s a beach episode in an ecchi show with known supernatural elements and a protagonist who fights them—of course there’s going to be a tentacle monster! It’d be weird if there wasn’t one!

Tentacles gonna tentacle.

Your weird. So anything else happen aside from blatant attempts at getting as much fan service out of this set-up as possible? So a recurring plot element of the show is that no-one believes that Kogarashi is the one-punch ghost-busting exorcist hero that he is, they think all the supernatural stuff that happens around him is just “parlour tricks”. So Chisaki and new character Kanazawa enlist the help of Yuuna, Sagiri and Urakata to spring an elaborate ‘encounter’ while they’re participating with the rest of their classmates on the “test of courage”. Their plan is to spawn a big monster that Kogarashi will fight and the rest of the class will witness or at least here about his heroic deeds and he will be vindicated. It’s a nice thought, they want him to be appreciated by his class for being the unsung hero that he is but of course things go astray as a much worse monster appears in the woods, and that’s more or less where the episode ends!

Not pictured: the giant monster in the woods. Have this wholesome shenanigan instead!

Cliff-hanger, eh? Fair enough. So what’s your opinion on the episode as a whole? It was a lot of fun with great character moments and lots of lewd humour and two new girls who immediately make a terrific addition to the cast—what more could I ask for?! I’m not sure it needed to be split across two episodes but I guess we’ll see if there’s enough content for it with next week’s episode!

I can’t wait for the blu-ray version to fix these pesky lens flares!

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