A Roller Coaster Of Emotions – ‘Music Girls’ Episode 11 Review

A Roller Coaster Of Emotions – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Music Girls’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Music Girls, Episode 11.

What happens this episode? I seem to recall you being none-to pleased about the quality of the previous episode? That’s an accurate assessment. It was a little rough around the edges and that’s saying something considering the show we’re watching.

Is this episode an improvement? Surprisingly yes, and I say surprisingly because it’s usually the case with these kinds of things that once the wheels start falling off a crash is inevitable, but nope somehow a spare tire got fitted while the car was still moving—to continues this awkward analogy…

I love episodes set at amusement parks!

Well that’s good I suppose, what’s the episode about? Uori, while still doing photo shoots and appearances for the Music Girls is still intent on quitting after the “overdramatics” of last week. She’s still under the impression that the Music Girls would be better off without her, so much so that she decides to run away while the group is doing a shoot at an amusement park. And by run away I mean she has an emo ride of the Ferris Wheel while taking photos of the clear blue sky and musing that “it’s as empty as me”. Seriously hilarious stuff—unintentionally of course, but this show doesn’t have the benefit of being choosey.

It’s so Japanese of her to actually present a ticket even though she was barging on anyway, don’t want to break the rules!

And then what happens? Well the other girls are out looking for Uori but Hanako’s having to multitask because she’s also dealing with her chat forum friend who’s in a dark place too, except a chat forum friend is Uori it’s just the two didn’t know each others real identities until now! Hanako barges onto the Ferris Wheel as Uori’s about to get off and the two go around again—Hanako intent on convincing her that she’s not only needed but is “the ultimate idol!”

I’m sure there’s some people who’d say otherwise but who am I to argue?!

This all sounds kinda silly— oh it gets sillier. Hanako then decides it’ll be a good idea to sing one of H*E*S’ songs to her which has appropriately affecting lyrics and through the power of music (and Hanako’s dreadful singing voice which Uori never fails to make fun of) she comes round, well not before some messy crying too.

So everything’s fixed then? I’m glossing over a lot of small details, like a storm rolling in and them getting trapped on the Ferris Wheel and flashbacks and talking about Uori sister, but yeah more or less fixed. I don’t hate what they did here, in fact it was kind of endearing and even a bit emotional—if awkwardly handled but then again that’s Music Girls in a nutshell really, ‘awkwardly endearing’.

It’s okay, there won’t be a second season anyway.

Anything else you wanted to add? Another episode another bath scene, this time with every girl sharing the bath at the same time (you see they were out in the rain and don’t want to catch a cold, so they have to bathe together). And I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many girls in the one bath tub, surely it’d be more girl than water in there! Consistently though, this show delivers adequate feels while also being dorky and dumb and fun—this show is the best worst thing this season and gosh darn it I’m going to miss it once it’s over!

I want to be there.

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