All Devils Go To Space – ‘Dropkick On My Devil!’ Episode 11 (Finale) Review

All Devils Go To Space – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Dropkick On My Devil’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Dropkick On My Devil!, Episode 11.

So what happens in this episode? Unexpectedly, this is the season finale, and, while not unheard of it’s pretty rare for a series to end on Episode 11 but here we are!

Well, fair enough then—that doesn’t change the question though! Right, well it’s more of an introspective and low-key episode—at least the first half of it is. Yurine is sick and bed-ridden with a fever and only Jashin-Chan knows, she considers just leaving Yurine to die because after all then she’ll be able to return to hell but evidently Jashin-Chan has developed some feelings for her captor and so enlists the help of Medusa and Minos to get her medical attention.

We almost lost her!

I guess she’s come a long way. Yeah and that’s kind of the theme of this episode, after Yurine recovers the four of them have a deep and meaningful conversation where Yurine laments the fact that she’s a human and confined to 70-80 year life span while the rest of them are devils who’ll live hundreds and hundreds of years. But Medusa and Minos have some wise words, saying that a shorter life means a life that prioritises a legacy and living meaningfully whereas a longer life makes one lazy.

Best girl Minos.

And the second half of the episode? Well in sort of a send-off the whole cast gathers for a Cherry Blossom viewing festival and partake in the usual shenanigans, albeit with a sort of melancholy that seems to suggest the show knows it won’t get a second season. Then in a final segment Yurine and Jashin-Chan are out bread shopping when Jashin-Chan starts playing up and being childish, afterward as they’re walking down the street they see a kid whose balloon is stuck in a tall tree and Yurine suggests for Jasin-Chan to make for earlier mischief by getting the balloon down for the kind. She eventually obliges only for the balloon to carry her away, passing by all the characters who’ve appeared in the show before floating away into space.

I mean… sure…

Huh?! Yeah it’s a bit of a random ending, albeit kind of foreshadowed in the song Jashin-Chan sung to Yurine while she was recovering in bed. As far as an ending goes it was kind of appropriate for a show that’s been tonally all over the place it’s weird, it’s contemplative, it’s silly, it’s sincere and most of all it’s funny—which for the final episode of a comedy series is kind of all you need!

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m gonna miss these girls… well except Jashin-Chan…

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