Never Meet Your Heroes – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 21 Review

Never Meet Your Heroes – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 21

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 21.

So what happens in this episode? We’re back to our regularly scheduled licensing exam after last week’s diversion into ‘Anime Original/Movie Tie-In Episode’ and boy does this episode sure…

Sure what? Kinda bore me a little… it’s like it took me this long to realise the folly of watching a long-running Shonen series week-to-week, or at least reviewing it. I should retract what I said, it didn’t bore to watch it, it was fine, good, even with moments of greatness but as I was trying to recall the events to write this review I was left scratching my head about what exactly made it worth talking about. Suffice to say future seasons of this show and indeed most, if not all shonen-genre shows coming up (like Fairy Tail) won’t be reviewed week-to-week on the site anymore.


That’s probably for the best, the view counts for these reviews were the lowest of any show you reviewed this season… Don’t bring that up, jeez!

So how’s the episode itself, what happens? Todoroki and the windy guy from the other school have an argument when they’re meant to be rescuing people, turns out Todoroki’s dad, Endeavour, was a dick to this guy when he was a kid—also during the entrance exams for UA High Todoroki was apparently a dick too. And here’s the thing, this was all well-written and well-acted and had drama and ego and depth and I just didn’t really care at all.

Wtf is a “Jack wife”?!

Any particular reason why? You know the reason.

Oh shit, he’s going to bring up the— They are underutilising the female heroes on this show damn it! Like I adore this series, I really do, the irlwaifu even bought me a Froppy hoodie which I love so much—but man it pisses me off to see such wasted potential, like stop introducing more macho male characters who are super powerful and instead focus on the actually interesting women you’ve chosen to sideline at every opportunity! It’s gotten so bad that I feel like I can’t even watch the show without getting angry, and I don’t want that! Like I can deal with them focusing on Midoriya and Todoroki and Bakugo and Tenya and All Might, but then to bring in more male characters and give them screen-time, it’s infuriating!

Yes, you female heroes look after the children while the men do all the fighting.

All right, settle down, you’ve had your rant, can we move on? Sure sure, whatever. So Todoroki and windy guy get yelled at by Midoriya for bickering when they’re meant to be working together which shames them enough to put their differences aside and help Midoriya defeat Gang Orca. Just as it looks like he’s about to win, the timer runs out and the exam is over and the episode ends with the cliff hanger over who passed and who didn’t.

I really didn’t care for Gang Orca either.

Your hearts not in it anymore is it? Sad to say but not really, I was almost going to just stop reviewing this show all together and try and just enjoy it without the added layer of analysis that having to write a review for it does but I figure I owe it to the nine people who still read these reviews week-to-week. I don’t hate this show, I could never hate this show—it gave me Froppy after all—but yeah, don’t expect long and incisive reviews for the remainder of the episodes this season, sorry!

Froppy learnt a new ability! And the show devoted all of 30 seconds to that, thanks again My Hero Academia! /sarcasm

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2 thoughts on “Never Meet Your Heroes – ‘My Hero Academia 3rd Season’ Episode 21 Review”

  1. Hmm…sounds like the series certainly isn’t as good as it used to be. Hope it will get back into form again. (And I am still playing catch up as so far I have only seen season 1…I know I’m terrible, so let me save you the trouble lol 😂😂)

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  2. For slightly different reasons, I felt the same way by the end of the exam arc. My heart just wasn’t into the series anymore and it was becoming a bit more tedious to watch. As soon as the exam finished it felt like it started coming to life again, but it might be a case of too little, too late with this series as there’s been a lot of time during season three where I haven’t really been loving watching the show. It is a shame because there are some great ideas and great characters here, but season three has been at best a mixed bag.

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