When The Vow Breaks – ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 11 Review

When The Vow Breaks – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Happy Sugar Life’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Happy Sugar Life, Episode 11.

So the penultimate episode, how is it? Not a lot happens exactly—well that’s not entirely true there’s always something happening in this show—but this feels more like a putting all the pieces in place for whatever end-game they have planned for us with next week’s finale!

And what do these “pieces” entail? Well Sato wants to make good on her plan to get the heck out of this city—and indeed the country and live her Happy Sugar Life with Shio. But she can’t do it on her own so she enlists the help of her aunt and I must say I am glad that she’s being put to some narrative purpose aside from being the emotional catalyst for a lot of Sato’s ~issues~.

Join us…

Oh, and how’s that work out? Well-ish, I mean she seems to make good on her promise to help even though she’s an unpredictable element in Sato’s plan and ‘triggers’ Sato by just existing in general. But the biggest potential ‘upset’ to get in the way of her happy life with Shio is Shio’s brother Asahi—who after receiving the photo of Sato and Shio embracing from the now deceased Shoko—is on the war path, intent on retrieving his little sister and willing to use anything and anyone to get to her.

To be honest I was expecting a lot worse from this scene.

By which you mean? Asahi knocks out Mitsuboshi and drags him to a quiet place where he threatens physical harm upon him unless he helps him, Mitsuboshi agrees, finding out Sato’s home address from her employer—except he decides to betray Asahi and go straight to the source of his addiction. Thing is as we know the address she lists isn’t Sato’s but Sato’s aunt and so Mitsuboshi ends up in the worst possible place for him to be in—faced with the sexually aggressive advances of Sato’s aunt we’re left to infer what happens as he screams and the camera cuts away.

Yikes! I mean maybe nothing happened and he was just screaming because she surprised him and they’ll end up working together to undo what Sato’s hoping to achieve but who can say?

Shio’s aunt has strong crazy face game.

You’re already theorising on what’s going to happen in the finale then? Somewhat. I have no idea what’s going to happen but I don’t think things are going to go smoothly. If you’d asked me last week if I though Sato’s aunt would be a player in the end-game I would have said no, but the way her aunt talks down to Sato like no-one else in the show does suggests she has a lot more power over her than we’ve perhaps realised and I think if Sato’s aunt decides she doesn’t want to lose Sato then she’ll take action. At the moment she seems like a willing accomplice but there’s more going on here than I think we’re privy to.

Not sure if homicidal face or just grumpy.

So thoughts on the episode? It’s nowhere near the best episode but it’s entirely forgivable after the powerhouse episodes that came before and because it’s clearly trying to set things up for the end. Something noteworthy that does happen and I suppose your definition of noteworthy will vary but after Shio and Sato have their “wedding” they exchange an on-the-lips kiss and I think that’s kind of a big deal—not just for their characters, but narratively speaking what that could mean for things going forward. Regardless I excitedly await the conclusion!

Next comes the honeymoon.

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