Making The Breast Out Of A Bra Situation – ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 12 (Finale) Review

Making The Breast Out Of A Bra Situation – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Asobi Asobase’ Episode 12

What’s the show? Asobi Asobase, Episode 12.

Another season finale, huh? How’s this episode? You may recall me ‘lightly complaining’ about how I wasn’t too keen on the continuity that this show had been injecting into the series—specifically Episodes 10 and 11 which had sort of a lead up to the cultural festival loose plot thread.

I recall, yes. So is this episode all about said cultural festival? Nope! It was never mentioned again and I couldn’t be more glad! This show is so much better when every aspect of any-given segment is completely unpredictable and that’s more or less what we get in episode 12 a glorious and insane return to form!

Oh my indeed!

Uh-huh, well that’s good I guess. Does that mean all the segments are good this time? I said a return to form not the best episode ever… two of the segments—the first two—are among the funniest the show has ever produce, the last two are slightly weaker though I really did appreciate the final segment for being somehow even more inane than anything else the show has done and ending on such a meta-joke.

Hanako’s been broken a long time.

We’ll get to that, what about the first two segments? More detail please. Well the first segment involves a baby—one of Sensei’s friends has brought their baby on a visit to the school and for plot conveniences the teacher has to leave the baby with our 3 girls and uh… well let’s just say this baby may or may not be a reincarnated pervert mafia don because the things this baby says and does and the girls reaction to them is truly priceless!

Bet you’d never expect a baby to say that!

Right? And the next one? After a particularly sweaty P.E. class the girls are changing and the flat and ever sports-bra wearing Hanako gets a bad case of bra-envy when she sees Kasumi’s cute bra and this could possibly be Hanako at her most lunatic and it’s absolutely glorious. Later Hanako’s looking on a bra site for something pretty with the intent on making her “bra-debut” only to discover that due to the way chest sizes are measured, she’s not an A-cup like she presumed but the smaller AA-cup, suffice to say that doesn’t sit well with the poor girl…

This whole scene was magic as Hanako went more and more insane.

I see, and the third segment? I couldn’t even remember the third one until I looked it up, which should speak of its memorability. It’s not a bad segment it’s just a joke that’s kind of been done before by other shows (and I couldn’t possibly think of an actual example so take my word for it) where Olivia is playing a new mobile game and it looks all cutesy on the surface but it’s actually a super violent and sadistic shooting game. It did bring back a character we hadn’t seen since Episode 3, the president of the Shoji club who ended up getting compound fractures over her entire body—and that was a fun reference if kinda pointless. Though it’s worth mentioning the segment itself is called ‘Fairy Tale Battle Royale’ and I can’t help but think someone naming the segments was just trying to cash in on some of that sweet SEO with ‘Battle Royale’ games being all the rage at the moment.

At least they didn’t get called the c-word by their fellow online gamers like Chio did!

Aren’t you doing that too by even mentioning it? …so what if I am! Jeez! I’ve got to make a living somehow!

And the final segment? We’re introduced to a hand-drawn 2v2 game called ‘Paper Wars’ in which players take turns drawing something to try and defeat what the previous team has drawn—oh and Maeda’s there because we need that Maeda fix in our finale! It’s a short segment with a bunch of silly images and accompanying “powers” that they describe each character having with each character becoming more and more overpowered in increasingly ridiculous ways than Hanako observes “how do we make this end?” and then the show cuts to the end-credits. Absolute perfection! I couldn’t think of a better way to end this series, it’s dumb, it’s over-the-top, it’s meta, it’s Asobi Asobase!

The perfect image to leave this review of this absurd series finale on.

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