Let The Parallel World Come To You – ‘The Girl In Twilight’ – Episode 1 Review

Let The Parallel World Come To You – An Anime QandA Review of ‘The Girl In Twilight’ Episode 1

What’s the show? The Girl In Twilight (Akanesasu Shōjo), Episode 1.

‘The Girl In Twilight’ huh? Isn’t that Kristen Stewart? Wow, quality dad joke there… No, this anime has nothing to do with ‘Twilight’ or anything like it, damn it!

Fine, what’s it about then? Cute girls doing cryptic things.

Okay, that’s the short version what’s the ~slightly~ longer version? Well it’s about five high-school girls, Asuka, Yu, Mia, Nana and Chloe who all partake in a vaguely bizarre ritual to do with radio frequencies and cassette players and it’s all in the name of summoning ‘another world’.

Is she trying to ask the tree out on a date? (That’s an old reference I doubt most of you kids will get!)

Wait, how does one “summon another world”, don’t you usually travel to one? Well I don’t know but eventually they do find the right frequency thanks to a magic crystal and another plane of existence sort of ~appears~ around them. They are immediately beset upon by weird looking yellow bunny floofs who after provoked turn evil. It’s then when our main girl Asuka sees another girl who looks remarkably like her come forward to save them from the floofs who’ve transformed into giant snakes, a technically impressive 3D CGI battle takes place and the Asuka doppelganger is triumphant! She scolds them all for being in “this world” and sends them back, but before she can return herself passes out. Asuka being the nice girl that she is brings her back to her parents place to rest up.

They look strangely delicious, like they’re made out of marshmallow or something!

‘Kay that seems like a fair amount for a first episode— We’re not finished yet! After dinner and a bath Asuka gives her doppelganger the bed for the night and we learn that both Asuka’s have lost someone important—the same someone (presumably a little brother based on the photo and brief flashback we see). Doppel-Asuka leaves for her world early in the morning, but has accidentally left behind her locket that contains said information about lost-presumed-sibling.

Dead sibling trope slightly less overused than dead parent trope.

So that’s the plot of the episode, but is it any good, did you like it? I’ve always regretted not blogging week-to-week about ‘A Place Further Than The Universe’ when it aired in Winter of this year, because from the very first episode I knew it was something special. I’m not trying to retroactively gain praise for having noticed something early than most did about the aforementioned show but I’m ~kind of~ getting that feeling about this show and I’m not even sure why, except here it’s just to a more specific extent.

There’s a lot of ‘head-on’ shots in this episode. Don’t know if that specific cinematic technique means anything. Maybe to engender us with the protagonist? Or maybe it’s just easier to draw…

Okay and what’s all that supposed to mean? It means I think this is going to be one of the highlights of the Summer season and I’m calling it already but I also think it’s going to be a show that ~feels~ a bit to precocious for its own good for some. Like these are some quirky girls, and it’s all very deliberate, like we’ve got the aloof and quirky dreamer with a bit of a sad past, we’ve got the boy-crazy one, we’ve got the one who throws random French phrases in, we’ve got the old-school radio geek, we’ve got the more grumpy and skeptical one. Plus there’s things like Asuka’s fondness for Chikua snacks and the fact she can bribe her teacher with Miso flavoured soft-boiled eggs that her family makes to get out of trouble. It’s all stuff that’s thrown at you very quickly and very deliberately to endear you to these girls. And you know what? It absolutely works for me, I’m already down for more adventures in ‘dimension hopping’ or whatever it is they’re doing…

Cassette players? What year is this set in?

Does that mean you think it has the potential to be ~as good~ as ‘A Place Further Than The Universe’ since you made the comparison? It’ll be hard, but it’s possible! Also it kind of reminded me of ‘Caligula’ anime in bits too and, well, that’s less of a good comparison so hopefully it doesn’t end up like that show…

So I’ll count this as a recommendation then? If you like your cute anime high-school girls with a heaping side of action, mystery and ~dubious~ science then you’ll probably find something to like here! I thought it was a really fun, well-written and fast-paced first episode that promises a lot while keeping a bunch of unanswered questions and room to grow!

I mean if there’s a bath scene you can bet your ass I’m going to put a screencap of it in!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

14 thoughts on “Let The Parallel World Come To You – ‘The Girl In Twilight’ – Episode 1 Review”

  1. Isn’t that Kristen Stewart? 😂😂😂😂 Brilliant! Okay, well this really doesn’t sound too bad actually. I always like it when shows have a bit of mystery to them, and you already predicting this to be a very good and special show pretty much is very convincing as well. Will keep this one in mind for sure! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I watched the first episode too and to be honest, I like it. I mean, it had almost everything I dont like in an anime and yet, I am intrigued by this. Need to see more of this anime and lets hope it doesnt go the Caligula route.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What is sad is that after the episode I was looking for the character names and on searching for ‘The Girl in Twilight’ googles entire first page of responses were Kristen Stewart. Needless to say, not helpful for what I was looking for.
    I’m interested in some of the ideas in this show and am going to stick it out a few more episodes, but so far the cast and the cute girl antics haven’t really done much for me. Hopefully the next couple of episodes establish the plot and build on the characters a bit because there is definitely some potential here even if I’m not fully on board yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s a bit of an unfortunate name choice, I think they’d have been better off with the more literal translation of the title “Girl Glowing Red” but maybe that’s just me.


      1. I’m okay once we get a few episodes in, unless the anime gives me no reason to care, but first episodes just kind of throw names at you and not all of them stick. About the only ones I got during the episode was Asuka and Chloe. The other characters were all just kind of girl 1, teacher guy, etc.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I liked the setup, but this episode seemed to feel really long. Like I’m checking my watch to see if it was like 30+ minutes instead of 24 (nope, just 24). It felt like things just took too long, like the battle with the hydrabunnygoop was kinda “Yeah, we get the point, it’s hard to defeat”, and the stuff with the teachers was too much back and forth and kinda ran on. I’m interested in the parallel world thing, although it seems kinda weird that they’re talking about worlds that are 1/10 kHz apart (given that they went to 633.1, and otherworld Asuka said “Oh, you’re from 633.0”) but are that different. Seems like you’d set that up more to be similar being that close, and blame it on crosstalk or something, and then have the big changes up at a couple MHz or something. But that’s thinking about it too much.

    Mostly I hope it doesn’t feel like the episodes are really long. Sometimes that’s good, but a lot of times it can be bad and distracting.

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    1. I didn’t really think that hard about it and yeah the episode did feel long but I was never bored with it, seems like a lot of people were though given the comments on the show’s hashtag. Unfortunate but to be expected.


  5. I haven’t had the chance to sit down and watch this yet, but it sounds really interesting! I really hope it ends up being a series that stands out and brings something really special forward. Thanks for the heads up about it! I’ll definitely have to catch up with it soon. If you’re up to trying out more series that involve parallel/different worlds, Freak-Quency is a pretty awesome manga series that deals with that topic. It’s set in a world where characters and monsters from a popular RPG have transferred into the real world. The main character of the series ends up teaming up with someone from the game world in order to find her missing brother. It also has a ton of amazing action scenes, so I highly recommend it.

    Liked by 1 person

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