Family Matters – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 1 Review

Family Matters – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 1

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 1.

And what’s it about? Yu Nagami is an inspiring light novelist, in fact it’s his one dream in life to become a published author. Other than that he has an ordinary life, a doting but controlling younger sister named Suzuka, a boring school life plus the various competitions he enters in order to get his novels noticed. A new day brings a new rejection from an aforementioned contest but things quickly take a turn for the unexpected when his sister comes to him with the news that she’s won the very novel writing contest that he failed to qualify for, and not just that but the novel in question is a ~forbidden love~ romance between a younger sister and an older brother! And to complicate matters more Suzuka wants him to be the one to take credit for the novel, as she can’t risk being the one responsible for its creation.

A Sister’s All You Squee!

“Brother”, “Sister”, “Romance”. This isn’t one of those anime is it? I don’t know what you could possibly be referring to, this is just the innocent and innocuous tale of a horny girl who wants to date her brother, nothing more than that!

…why are you like this? Incest is legal in Japan. Don’t judge! Don’t hate! Don’t discriminate.

I can haz uncensored pls?

Everyone reading this review right now, it’s ~totally~ okay if you just close the window you’re reading this on and never come back, he’s clearly lost his mind. I’m not having this debate with you; this is an episodic review of a romantic comedy—not a soapbox on complex societal issues!

It’s not that complicated, “don’t fuck your sibling” there, was that hard? You’re such a square…

I’m picturing something else.

*rolls eyes* So is this show actually any good? Like honestly, ignoring your propensity for defending this kind of… thing… Honestly? It’s a bit rough round the edges, it’s a bit slow too, but it has its moments. Truthfully the titular couple are kind of dull, thankfully they’re surrounded by a bunch of much more interesting supporting characters. Not the least is Yu’s legal loli boss at the bookstore who’s the source of some of this episode’s ~censored~ fan-service as well as the best laughs. His agent is pretty good too—though her appearance is even briefer than the aforementioned, hopefully we get more of them (at least enough so I can actually remember their names!)

“She’s a thousand year old dragon”, “she’s an immortal vampire”, etc. etc.

So, uh, final opinion on the first episode of ‘My Sister, My Writer’? First of all, that title kinda sucks, its not even close to an accurate translation of the Japanese and it’s just trying to be as vague as possible to not offend the “normies” out there. Secondly, this show is pretty great—if you live in a world where ‘Eromanga Sensei’ and ‘A Sister’s All You Need’ don’t exist. Obviously it’s unfair to compare full fledged complete anime to a first episode of a show that has very little ~anticipation~ in the West, but the comparison still stands and this little show has a lot of growing up to be able to compare to the aforementioned. It’s not a train-wreck, in-fact it has some good character moments and the fact it sees the “romance” from the perspective of both parties is interesting—but it’s still a far cry from being worth a recommendation to anyone who isn’t already into this kind of show. It is however immediately a lot more kinky and sexual than Eromanga was so it’s got that much in its favour… I mean if you’re into that kind of thing…

Just normal human dialogue here.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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9 thoughts on “Family Matters – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 1 Review”

  1. Man, everyone’s arguing over Goblin Slayer, and here I’m worried that I’ll get judged for liking MSMW’s first episode…

    As someone who works in publishing, I tend to find shows about writers pretty enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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  2. After watching it, I felt like this was what you would get if you took other, somewhat interesting, imouto and/or writer series and took away everything that made any of the characters interesting, and any situations that made the show compelling, and any chemistry between characters. This was boring. Just outright boring. Let’s take a complete Mary Sue and her loser but ambitious… at being a writer of cheesy light novels brother, and have them have to fool everyone about him writing the novel she wrote and submitted just as a lark and won a contest with because she’s just so perfect. And instead of having characters with a fun little quirk, we’ll just plaster the most caricature characterization all out there. Perfect Suzuka sister who is not conflicted at all about her pining for romantic and probably physical love with her brother. Completely boring brother who never actually achieves his big dream, but is a totally bland nice guy the whole time. A pervert artist they just outright named “O-Face Double Peace Signs” because that’s what she draws. An idiot newbie editor who sexually harasses our bland main guy.

    There was no chemistry in this, no inspiration (and it’s funny that you typo’d that in the second line “Yu Nagami is an inspiring light novelist” because he’s completely, thoroughly uninspiring to the audience, as he’s inspiring his sister to write paeans to him), and completely ordinary artwork, even as they throw the IBTBrigade in there with censor dots. I think I like the atrociously bad, ludicrously misogynist space fishing show better than this.

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    1. Thanks for picking up on the typo! It doesn’t take much for me to enjoy this show and while I fully admit its pretty low-tier trash, it pushes enough of my ‘things I like’ buttons that I still intend to complete it.


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