Naked When Wet – ‘Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master’ Episode 2 Review

Naked When Wet – An Anime QandA Review of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 2

Warning: This post contains some NSFW imagery/nudity.

What’s the show? Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 2.

So last episode you were going on about how this was anime of the season after one episode. Finally ready to admit you were being silly? Did I say that? My apologies, I must have mistyped, I meant to say anime of the year!

What?! After the glory that is the second episode it’s the only conclusion I can come to! Truly god-tier anime, there’s no other way to describe it!

I really don’t want to ask what happened in this episode, but I don’t really have a choice… So first we’re introduced to the 5 girls at Yumi’s school who make up the Gessen Girl’s Academy Ninja faction (they weren’t in the first season so this is the first we’ve seen of them in the anime), then a re-introduction to the 5 girls formerly of Hebijo Academy now going by ‘Homura’s Crimson Squad’ in addition to them are the 5 new girls of Hebijo Academy (also not in the first season).


Wow, so fifteen characters in total? And that doesn’t even include the 5 girls of Hanzo Academy (who were the main characters of the first season) four of whom are currently being held hostage by the evil twins Gekkou and Senkou—for reasons I’ll get to at the end of the review. So including our villains that’s 22 girls, all with speaking parts, of whom 15 get naked during the course of this episode.

…And that’s why it’s your “anime of the year”? Do I need a better reason?

Good ass.

I mean, yeah, if you want to be taken seriously as a reviewer? Pretty sure that ship has sailed. Besides, I like what I like; I’m not about to pretend that something doesn’t fundamentally appeal to me and make me stupidly happy. I’m not going to defend this show, but I’m not going to feel bad about liking it as much as I do either—there’s too much bitter, negativity in this world to let it spoil my good time.

I think she knows that!

Okay, fair enough! I’ll stop you before you get too rant-y. I’ll let you have your fun. So what circumstances transpire to get 15 girls naked in the course of a single episode’s narrative? So all three groups of girls receives a note (fired by arrow from a mysterious source of course) with it is an invitation to an indoor water-park/spa. All of the girls know it’s a trap, but like they’re going to let a little thing like potentially being ambushed by attackers stand in the way of a good time! We get the obligatory changing room scenes, then the ‘having fun in the pool’ scenes, but then things get serious!

I figured you could do with an image without lewdness in it. But then again those slides are ~pretty~ suggestive…

Oh no, do the bad guys attack?! Nope, they decide to have a water-pistol fight! But the water guns are filled with a ~special chemical~ that makes clothes invisible upon contact! So basically it’s a team-based free-for-all where the last person not completely naked is the winner. Predictably everyone gets naked so nobody is a winner—well except for us watching at home! It’s a cavalcade of boobs and butts and bouncing and it’s just about the best thing I’ve ever seen!

Of course it is!

What are you, twelve years old? Sorry… sorry, I forgot, letting you have your fun and all… Ahem. Then the bad twins Gekkou and Senkou show up, trapping them all in a ‘shinobi kekkai barrier’, but only so they can tell the gathered girls that they’re going to take part in a ‘Shinovi Masters’ to find out who’s the best ninja—and the penalty for not taking part? The four kidnapped girls of Hanzo Academy will be executed! Afterwards Yumi and her classmates are heading home when Homura psychically messages her (yeah didn’t know that was a thing, no wonder she doesn’t need a cell phone!) they meet in a park, Homura looking emotionally deflated after her cruel defeat at the end of the first episode. She says some cryptically defeatist words and the episode ends. Bit of a weak and hurried ending but at least it ties the whole thing together—plus having no Homura in an episode would have felt weird after how much she was in it last week!

A powerful stain remover, it even removes the clothes!

Uh-huh. So anything else to add? The ending credits.

Yeah? What about them? Did I say only 15 girls appear nude in this episode? What I meant to say was the ending credits feature all 22 girls in the nude (last week used the nude-less OP as the ending credits, hence why I’m only mentioning it now).

You must have been so happy… Eh, slow pans over static images are okay, but it’s nothing compared to how sexy the ending credit sequences are for High School DxD! But that’s a topic for another day, just thought I’d mention it since it is kind of a big deal for Senran Kagura fans.

I mean, I’m still happy it exists! Freeze frame boobs are still boobs after all!

Great. So final thoughts, or whatever? I mean I know you loved this episode so is there any point in asking? I did love it, despite having not played the game this episode’s pool-side shenanigans were inspired by (that being ‘Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash’) I still had an absolute blast with this episode, you got to know the personality a little bit of nearly every one of the 15 girls who were featured, there were laughs and action—honestly this episode was pretty much a perfect 24ish minutes of anime for me!

Good thing they’re sisters! Wait, what?!

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