Attack On Tight Man – ‘DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-’ Episode 3 Review with Irina & Matt

Attack On Tight Man – An Anime QandA Review of DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- Episode 3

Episode 3 of me and Irina’s collab reviews on DAKAICHI, I’m represented by the bold text while Irina (from I Drink And Watch Anime) is not in bold.

So… this episode is titled ‘Molestation; Just Don’t Do It’ and I don’t know about you but that already put me on edge… but at the same time I was like, “well at least they know they’re being problematic so maybe it’ll address some ~issues~” and well, then there’s the bus scene… Well the name of the show is “I’m being harassed…” so it’s par for the course. I’m actually fairly ok with unhealthy relationships and garbage people being represented in fiction. Even with getting happy endings through questionable methods. I just get very annoyed when abuse is presented as normal or even *desirable*. Oh he couldn’t stop himself because he loooooves me soooo much…Aren’t I lucky!!! I can’t say I enjoyed watching the bus scene but at least it shows that Takato isn’t really enjoying it either and would be happier without these moments. Also, there’s been similar scenes in every episode so far.

Back seat of a bus, can’t imagine that’s very comfortable.

Did you catch the subtle ‘Attack On Titan’ reference they were going for, what with Blonde hair boy’s steam nostril-blowing face encroaching into Black hair boy’s personal space? It was funny… until it wasn’t… Subtle you say… I thought it was a great little sequence. This show could use a bit of thematic variety. I mean, not to kink shame, but this scene wasn’t the least bit sexy, and this is coming from a (relatively) straight heterosexual man who’s watched this series without many qualms these last few weeks. Having your love interest crying and shaking and whimpering, isn’t sexy ~especially~ if you’re the one who’s made them that way! Bad touch blonde boy, no means no!

Definitely a ‘Beast’ Titan.

I don’t want to excuse blonde boy’s actions, but I kinda get what he was going for. The whole ‘sex in public’ thing is a turn on for some people, and “empty bus” is a stepping stone, though it’s probably something they should have discussed first, you know like a ~normal~ couple would. What with setting boundaries and stuff. Oddly, this scene didn’t bother me anymore than ones in previous episodes. I guess my thinking is that a least “in public” you have a chance of screaming for help so it’s not as dangerous?

Other than the bus scene it kinda seems like dark haired boy is just a gay-tsun (he wants the D, he just doesn’t want to say he wants the D…) So far it just seems like he doesn’t want to be constantly attacked nonstop. I think that’s reasonable.  

Oh no! The Yaoi has become self-aware!

I really liked all the showbiz stuff in this episode, the promotional photoshoots, the interviews, and that lengthy post-credit ‘awards show’ scene. That to me was probably the most interesting part of the episode–turns out dark haired boy has a silver-foxed rival in the form of an older acting legend! I don’t know why, but I just really like the whole ~vibe~ of an awards show! I also liked the business element once gain and generally think it’s one of the strongest aspects of the show. I thought the use of a photoshoot as a device the add fan service to the anime while at the same time acknowledging that it was fan service i narrative was rather cute. A soft meta touch.

I wonder how many fujoshi have this as their computer wallpapers right now?

Anything else you wanted to add? I know this is super random but my eye was caught by the bouquets they both got at the wrap party. Takato (I hope I’m getting this name right) had a pretty and varied bouquet, with some red roses for passionate love. But blondies bouquet was overwhelmingly yellow flowers. I realize this was probably just a stylistic choice to bring balance and contrast to the colour palette of the scene but in the language of flowers, most yellow flowers have meanings associated with indifference, jealousy and homosexuality. I wonder if there’s anything there? Maybe, I mean he is certainly gay!

A shorter review this time, hopefully we’ll have more to talk about next week over on Irina’s site! Thanks for reading!

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