Kawaii Another Day – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 3 Review

Kawaii Another Day – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 3

What’s the show? Release The Spyce, Episode 3.

So how’s this episode? Surprisingly dark! At least, I mean considering it at least on the surface ~looks~ like a cute girl show, it deal with some dark themes and subject matter, but I’m super glad that it does because a genuine spy series should delve into the seedy underbelly of society from time-to-time!

Oh? What “dark themes and subject matter” are you referring to exactly? There’s an drug subplot concerning the villain group ‘Moryo’, which in-turn has Momo and Yuki going undercover at an illegal brothel that is being serviced by girls who have been kidnapped and drugged up, forced to perform sex acts and in-turn steal their patrons personal details for blackmail, etc.

Now we know Momo’s impromptu prostitute name!

Okay… yeah, that’s pretty damn dark! But its brilliant tied in to Momo’s ~inexperience~ as these are the first missions she’s having to go on and she keeps messing up in small ways, that while not catastrophic, at the very least cause Momo to have doubts over her abilities. But the other apprentice agents Fuu and Goe reassure her that everyone makes mistakes and things are more or less resolved—at least in that department.

~gomenasai intensifies~

So anything else happen in the episode? Oh yeah, lots! That’s just the first half the episode. On their next mission to intercept a shipment of military robots the girls go up against the pint sized ninja mercenary Byakko—who puts up quite a sturdy fight, even while going up against two (technically three if you count Goe from her sniper support position) but in the end they capture the little loli villain and interrogate her to get information out of her!

Phew, not dead!

Interrogation? We’re not talking car batteries attached to nipples are we? No, this isn’t ‘24’. Just dangling her over a vat of lava suffices here—or rather it would except Byakko had previously ingested a gelatin compound at behest of ‘Moryo’s leader that triggers a memory loss in whoever consumes it should they’re stress levels raise too high.

Trial by fire indeed!

Well, seems like this episode upped the ante from the previous one, huh? Certainly this felt a lot more James Bond—which I was ~very~ happy for, early on during a bust Mei jumps in through a window to apprehend a bad guy and shouts “My name is Bond!” as if this show needed to wear its references on its sleeves any more! But it was funny and silly and I still loved it, and that’s more-or-less my feelings on the whole episode. I love it when it’s silly and CGDCT-esque, and I love it when it’s action-packed and serious—it blends these things together seamlessly and I can’t wait for more!

These girls are so damn cool!

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Author: Cactus Matt

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One thought on “Kawaii Another Day – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 3 Review”

  1. I liked the beginner mistakes, but it was starting to get uncomfortable with Momo’s mistakes and Yuki’s dressing her down, but that’s more my own style of management vs something objectively problematic. I thought it was good they didn’t kill Byakko, but I wasn’t a big fan of the character.

    Still tired of the “traitor” subplot, tho.

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