Faking It – ‘Conception’ Episode 3 Review

Faking It – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 3

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 3.

So how’s the episode? I don’t know—did Conception just become an anime about sex again when it literally spent (nearly) an entire episode last week trying to convince me it ~wasn’t~ about sex? I’m so confused…

Oh dear, what’s happened now? Well Itsuki is told that in order to create more powerful ‘star children’ he needs to perform the ‘ritual’ with two star maidens at the same time. And I swear half of this episode was the pervert Tanuki mugging and making inappropriate jokes which you know—it is what it is. So Reone (the doctor one) elects herself to be one of the ~ménage a trois~ while Itsuki picks Falun a flighty dancer. Within ~minutes~ of their meeting she’s down for the threesome and then it happens and um…

She’s a spunky cutie!

What? Well all goes well, two ‘star children’ are born and Reone and Falun look mighty satisfied with what’s happened to them—like Reone comments that her legs are too weak to stand while Falun just straight up says “I came to the ends of the universe”. There’s no ambiguity there, something sexual happened for sure, unless of course the show bait and switches us again next week and we learn that the love ritual can cause orgasms just by holding hands. Which if that’s the case my quit anime forever.

You don’t make that kind of face and pose after a frantic game of chess is all I’m saying!

Whoa! That’s a bit drastic isn’t it? I just hate ambiguity in my fan service—I mean it shouldn’t be this difficult to set a baseline for what the heck is going on especially in a show that seemed so un-ambiguous in its first episode only to completely back-flip on everything it supposedly stood for!

Dear lord, can we have this uncensored please? PLEASE!

Sounds like all you do is complain about this show recently… Only because I’m frustrated at how unfulfilled its obvious potential is! This show could be truly something memorable (and for the right reasons) but instead its kind of treading water in both and neither simultaneously. But all that said and done, I do genuinely enjoy this show—if only a surface level.

Which means? These girls are good-looking, this setting is weird and interesting, I enjoy the more personal scenes between Itsuki and his childhood friend Mahiru and I do want to see how this series climaxes for the lack of a better word. I just wish it was more consistent in what kind of show it wanted to be, because I don’t know if these girls are getting the whole hog or just the tip and it’s giving me blue balls!

They make a good pair.

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