All Roads Lead To Bikini Fan Service – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 4 Review

All Roads Lead To Bikini Fan Service – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Sister, My Writer’ Episode 4

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. Episode 4.

So how’s this episode? My Sister, My Writer, my god this show is a rare and unique entity.

Is that a compliment to the show? I mean sure, why not. Before watching this particular episode I watched Episode 4 of ‘As Miss Beezlebub Likes’ and found myself fantasising about an anime that was actually interesting to ~any~ of my five senses. And then right after it I was treated to an anime that fully enveloped my ~sixth~ sense!

“Sixth sense”? What on earth are you talking about? Ah, but that sixth sense for trash anime, which this series absolutely embodies—and believe it or not I mean that as a compliment, because while this anime is absolutely trash it’s also absolutely boundlessly entertaining. And forgetting the fact that this anime occasionally looks like an amateur’s first draft pass at animating a scene and frequently melt downs if there’s a scene with more than three people in it. This show legitimately feels like someone with a brain wrote it—again that’s a totally backhanded compliment but this series is genuinely funny and well written—it just takes a long damn while to get to these moments!

This is not one of those moments.

I know you’re committed to this show for ~reasons~ but even still it seems like all you do is make fun of it. Why are you still watching, like really? Like “really”? Well its simple to be honest, incest is interesting. It’s as simple as that.

Uh-huh, so what’s this episode even about? Well it starts with Yu at a book signing, and right from the start this scene is just evident of how much this show is just trying to fill in the minutes between fan-service scenes. There’s not one but two one-sided telephone conversations that basically consist of static shots of a person talking on their mobile phone, with long gaps as they listen—but we don’t hear—the other side of the conversation. At which point they hang up and relay the information to Yu who’s just been standing their observing their telephone conversations. It’s ~incredibly~ lazy, visually uninteresting and tiresome. But that’s okay because after introducing a new character for the burgeoning harem—Sakura Minazuki an obsessed fan and anime voice actress who calls Yu “onii-chan” because she’s so into the characters in his book. After that we get to the real ‘meat’ of the episode.

Quick, doctor, we have another case of face melt over here!

Why do I get the feeling that “meat” comment was a— It’s time to try on swimsuits! Of course not before Yu and his sister Suzuka go on a date first.

Wait, the siblings are dating now? How’d that happen?! Well, it’s slightly convoluted but basically Mai (the red-headed light novel author who is stalking Yu to find out how he’s so good at writing) finds a manuscript for one of his actual light novels in his school bag. She immediately realises that this is nowhere near the quality or writing style of the book he “supposedly” published and her suspicions are intensified. So as to ~quell~ any suspicions Suzuka comes up with the idea that the two should flirt and date in order to sell the fact that he’s a sister lover and was indeed the true author of the book. Of course she’s just using this as an excuse to get closer to her brother but Yu is too oblivious to realise this. We even have Yu picking out underwear for his sister, as we ~obviously~ have to have a fan service appetiser before we can get to the main course!

I mean these are strictly fantasy sequences, although I’m not sure if they’re in his head or hers…

And when do we get to the swimsuits exactly? This seems like a lot of build up for not a lot of pay-off? As is sadly the case with a show that clearly has a small budget and spends most of its money on the fan service scene. Though thankfully the scenes with Yu and Suzuka “dating” are made genuinely amusing by Mai’s absurdly poor stalking abilities which involve her loudly narrating what they’re doing and even making brusque comments about Yu while he can clearly hear and see her.


And what about the trying on off swimsuits then? Well all but two of the female characters in the show just ‘happen’ to be at the same shopping mall so they decide to try on some swimsuits to ascertain Yu’s fetish level for types of swimsuits—though that’s mostly Ahegao Double Peace sensei’s doing since she came up with the idea. And once again there’s a marked improvement in the animation quality for this scene—but by now I’m not even surprised.

Okay maybe not here specifically, but the previous scene had good animation, I swear!

So are you happy with this episode? I was entertained, first laughing at the show and how poor it was at just existing, then with the show as it contained some genuinely amusing moments. Plus the fan service is well drawn enough! If this show wasn’t entertaining than the irlwaifu wouldn’t watch it but she likes this more than a lot of shows we’re watching this season and she’s not even a fan of incest storylines so that’s got to say something about the entertainment factor here. I think if you go in expecting bottom-of-the-barrel trash you’ll find something to enjoy about this show and despite the frequently poor animation and questionably slow dialogue, there is some inventiveness and even endearing qualities to the side characters who are all pretty much borderline insane.

Did they just copy+paste the brother and sister’s face here?!

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