Life Is All About The Little Things – ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 5 Review

Life Is All About The Little Things – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai, Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? I feel like (slightly) a fool for ever doubting this show! Episode 5 is a glorious and triumphant return to form for Fall’s best and most surprising anime!

Again with the ‘snappy, movie poster review’ quotes, huh? Anyway, glad to hear the show is back up to the standards you expect from it. What happens in the episode that makes it so good? You put me on the spot–I have made it abundantly clear this show is difficult to talk about, have I not? But I’ll try, so one of the ~niggling~ issues that I was worried about what cast a pall over this series–that of Mai being neglected is somewhat unfounded. She’s still here, she’s still Sakuta’s best girl, she’s still present in his life, it’s just he needs to help out a different girl by pretending to date her. And for the most part Mai is okay with it, but she’s just the right amount of not-okay with it too that makes this situation all the more realistic.

Nothing lewd here.

Uh-oh, so stormy clouds on the horizon–proverbially speaking? Probably, but we’ll get to that later. What needs to be said is that Tomoe–the girl he’s helping out in this arc–is amazing. She’s no Mai, but she’s different enough and interesting enough that she doesn’t need to be, she’s special in her own way. She’s also a mirror, held up to our technologically advanced society, where teenagers are so paranoid about not liking the right things, or following the correct social queues that her life has become swallowed by the pursuit of what is perceived to be normalcy. But to the detached observer looking on, seems like an alien world devoid of individuality and free-thought. Tomoe makes for as just a tragic character as Mai, just in a completely different way.

Simple wants that seem impossible in our day and age.

So what are her problems anyway? You mentioned last week that she was the cause of some ‘Groundhog Day-esque’ repeating phenomena? That was only the impetus to get Sakuta ~involved~ in her story, her troubles are significantly less “supernatural”–at least for the moment–than Mai’s were in her arc. The boy who’s keen on her, the one she doesn’t want to date despite his hounding, is, for the lack of a better descriptor: a douche lord. He’s a cheater, he’s sexist and he’s a bully. At one stage in the episode he begins to spread a rumour that Tomoe is a slut who sleeps with any guy and the way Sakuta deals with the whole situation is pretty damn flawless.

Sakuta kick!

What’s he do? Well the bully boy (sorry I forgot his name) antagonises Sakuta on the platform, making some crude remarks about Tomoe’s fabricated promiscuity. And of course, Sakuta being the rascal that he is retorts with a snicker, which expectantly riles the bully to physical violence. Sakuta plays dirty though, and kicks him in the shins then kicks him in the face, giving him a verbal dressing down for being “uncool” before defiantly exclaiming that he’s a virgin and then runs off with Tomoe in hand.

Hopefully not for much longer 😉

And it works?! Seems too, at least as far as dethroning the bully from his high-horse and restoring Tomoe’s good name. I love the fact that rather than drag Tomoe into the discourse by trying to defend her virginity (which is no-one’s business by the way) he takes it on himself by declaring himself a virgin. It’s a small touch but it goes to show that Sakuta’s thinking many steps ahead. But that’s not even the best part of the episode!

Protect this smile!

Oh and what’s that then? It’s not any one thing… it’s never been any one thing. Sure the grand triumphant gestures are powerful scenes that draw attention to themselves but it’s all the ~little~ things in between that enrich the overall experience. Simple things like Mai bringing over a cute outfit for Kaede–Sakuta’s little sister–to try on. Or things as subtle as helping a nerdy classmate at the beach find the phone strap she’s lost–and therefore learning that this nerdy girl too worries about her status in class, of that being underneath the likes of Tomoe who travels in more popular circles. Everything this show does feels substantial even if it’s otherwise ordinary and that’s kind of like life–it’s the minutiae that makes up the everyday but it’s that very same minutiae that represents the rich tapestry of existence.

Kaede is best little sister.

And you say you have trouble talking about this show… I know right? Turns out, all I have to do to find something to say is stop worrying about the “big picture” as I often do with my reviews and just focus on the little important details and then I have no shortage of things to praise. This show is simply fantastic.

I never had a foot fetish until now. Step on me, Bunny Girl Senpai!

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

7 thoughts on “Life Is All About The Little Things – ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’ Episode 5 Review”

  1. Great review and I agree, the little details are what keep making this show feel that little bit better than it perhaps should. It is definitely a strong contender for anime of the season if it can keep going like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the fact that Mai voiced her worries – that Tomoe would really fall in love with Sakuta – at the beginning (and then told him to forget it if he didn’t understand), and then we watched a whole episode of Tomoe falling in love with Sakuta. I mean, hell, I’m about falling in love with him. It’d be hard not to. I do kind of wish he wasn’t quite so good at disarming Mai when she gets her ire up, tho. It would be good for him to have a little more uncertainty.

    I also love love love the slow rollout of Futaba’s personality. The way she’s so deadpan around Sakuta, and usually so reserved with Kunimi because of her crush on him, but then Sakuta can get her to overreact just with a little push. And the animation of her overreaction was just perfect, even that whole scene. The startled reaction, with the pause to compose herself when greeted by Kunimi, the way that she started moving as Sakuta closed the door, that mix of embarrassment and disappointment that Kunimi really hasn’t noticed the way she feels. That whole scene was just terrific. I really enjoy every scene with Futaba in it.

    And I’m continuing to be amazed at how they fit so much in to an episode without any parts of it feeling rushed or incomplete. Multiple conversations with Mai, Futaba, Tomoe, a date, even another conversation with Yuuma AND a couple about Maesawa. Great direction and a good job by CloverWorks to get it all in there.

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  3. Was I the only one that just felt so incredibly satisfied when Sakuta humiliated that bully? Or was that just me? 😂😂 All things funny aside, I absolutely agree with you. This anime is the thing that I am looking forward to each week. It’s exactly all the details that make this such a compelling watch. I have no idea for what the show is planning for the upcoming weeks, but whatever it is, I’ll be watching with interest. For right now it’s maybe even the best anime that I have seen all year 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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