Fan Disservice – ‘Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master’ Episode 4 Review

Fan Disservice – An Anime QandA Review of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 4

Warning: This post contains some NSFW imagery/nudity.

What’s the show? Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 4.

So how’s this episode? How do I convey my thoughts without it sounding like I have a one track mind… um… this episode has next to zero fan service… an uh, that’s… not… a good… thing.

Uh-huh, and why exactly is that not a good thing? Listen, I’m not going to say that the fan service was the only reason I am watching this show but the fan service is the only reason I’m watching this show.


*sigh* well at least your honest about it, I suppose. So where does this leave you regarding your opinion of the episode? It was still good, I mean it was fine, uh… to be honest I’m having trouble remembering much of anything about the episode.

Oh boy. You can’t just go from having two episodes with some of the most ludicrously over-the-top and consistent fan service to almost none–it’s jarring! My tiny monkey brain can’t handle such an aggressive difference!

Well how about you go watch it again and come back with a professional verdict on the show and not just whatever’s running around in that hamster wheel you call a “brain”. Fine.

This scene was interesting, but it lasted all of a minute.

*23 and a half minutes later* So better than you recall? Eh.

Oh boy, so the honeymoon’s over on the show you were proclaiming “anime of the season” last episode? It’s just necessary set-up for the Shinovi Masters tournament–albeit unnecessarily tame necessary set-up. Some of it’s fun–like Yumi and her team infiltrating the middle school of Senkou and Gekkou to get more information on them is ~mildly~ entertaining… and WHAT THE HECK SENKOU AND GEKKOU ARE MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS!

Picture from episode 1 because I couldn’t find a decent one of both of them from this episode.

Is this surprising information? Um, yeah, just a bit! The two girls who managed to kick the asses of all the Hanzo Academy ninja girls are middle schoolers–also, hot middle schoolers with massive racks. Now there’s a sentence that’s going to put me on a watch-list for sure…

So the fan service goes away and you don’t have much to say, huh? I mean I would if anything else was worth talking about but it feels like padding for time, just scraping together enough material ‘til they can end on a ‘cliffhanger’ for the start of the Shinovi Masters next episode. Which I’m sure will (probably) be better–at the very least it should provide more chances for fan service, what with clothing damage being switched to ‘on’. Until then, I’ll just lie in bed with episode’s 2 and 3 being projected onto my ceiling on repeat ‘til next week.

Yumi and the girls dress up as teachers for like 30 seconds before giving up on that idea, so that was fun… I guess?

That’s a joke, right? Right?! I mean, obviously. I don’t own a projector… yet.

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