Study Buddies – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 5 Review

Study Buddies – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Bloom Into You, Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? Somehow even slower than previous episodes–but at the same rate it’s probably my favourite episode so far!

Oh yeah? How’s that work? It’s intimate on a lot of levels. The episode starts with a cute scene at Yuu’s family bookstore where we find out the kind of books all her friends like then her classmate Koyomi asks her to read a novel that she wrote. The rest of the episode is ~literally~ just Yuu and Touko studying, first at the library every day after school leading up to mid-terms, then, when the library is too busy to find a seat at, Yuu invites her over to her house to study. And they study some more!

I mean when you put it like that.

That sounds very dry and dull. You’d think so but for anyone remotely invested in this relationship watching this gradual and contemplative examination of the forming of a “relationship” in a somewhat unconventional way is as beautiful as it is interesting. All the little moments, the hair flicks, the gentle touches, the stolen glances–they’re all so much more meaningful given Yuu’s ~difficult~ frame of mind. Is it slow paced? Sure. But it is called ‘Bloom Into You’, not ‘Burst Into You’ and some flowers take a long time and care and nurturing to bloom.

Dat nose tho.

You seem to be awfully forgiving of this show’s pace. I can’t help but think that’s to do with the fact that you’ve read the manga. I’ve read some of the manga, just two or three volumes–but yes I admit, knowing the pace this series would undoubtedly take has probably softened by critical eye a little bit. Also, I’ve never said this series is perfect, I find it hard to relate to Yuu often as I’m someone who gets passionate and animated about many things and have a sort of ‘addictive personality’ that means I fall in love with things very quickly. Added to that I’m not really sure how much the side characters bring to this series–but then again they are needed as it would be weird not to have them in a school based show.

This moment was pretty adorable though!

So basically you’re saying the show has flaws but the flaws are either what make it interesting or are necessary to its existence? Kind of, yeah. I mean just because I can’t relate to Yuu doesn’t mean I can’t empathise with her situation and if anything her being so ~different~ from the norm highlights the necessity for a character like her to be represented in fiction. And for her to be represented with care and consideration for the life she’s living and the way she chooses to approach love. It may not be conventional, but it’s the only way she can do it and that’s what’s important.

Life’s not easy though.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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7 thoughts on “Study Buddies – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 5 Review”

  1. I think the pace of the series isn’t necessarily dictated by the source material as much as it is the director. But this series does take a different tactic than a lot of shoujo-style series (and I’d say this is definitely shoujo, even if it’s yuri as a subclassification), in that it has this constant buildup of closeness between Yuu and Touko. Most shoujo series don’t go for this kind of story construction, instead relying on a lot of near-miss, outright actions that the reader or viewer thinks should end up with a couple, only to have them pull back and not be a couple. To me, that kind of story gets very frustrating very quickly, because I get cynical about it: They’re only doing that to toy with the viewer / reader, because if they actually had them get together, they couldn’t just continue the story.

    I really do prefer ones like YagaKimi a lot more (or for a more traditionally shoujo example, Ore Monogatari / My Love Story or Tsuki ga Kirei) where the couple is set near the beginning, not as an OTP to be together by the end of the series, but to be a couple throughout the series. I’d much rather see a story about a couple learning to be with each other than a story about “Will they? Won’t they? Maybe?”

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  2. I’m finding this one delightful despite not really being the audience for it as normally this kind of slow paced story where very little happens would drive me nuts. There’s just a lot of thought put into it and the characters and direction are really carrying this even when the plot may not be all that interesting to me. I’m kind of hooked on finding out how Yuu gets to an answer at this point.

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  3. I’m really enjoying the series so far! I had my doubts at first because I read the manga before starting the anime, but I actually really like what they’re doing with the anime. Personally, the slow pace doesn’t really bother me (but then again I’m a lot more into slice-of-life series than most people, so it may just be a difference in preference). I’m pretty excited to see how the series will develop their relationship, and how it’s going to compare to the manga. Have you heard of Lily Love 2? It’s another slice-of-life series that’s based on the relationship between a girl in college who takes an internship at a hotel, and her boss. It’s more of an adult relationship, so there are more nsfw aspects to it than Bloom Into You has, but from what I’ve read so far, it’s such a well written story that really knows how to shell out the drama. So if you’re interested in trying out any other series, and don’t mind a more adult-oriented story, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

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