When In Doubt, Add More Hot Boys – ‘DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-’ Episode 5 Review with Irina & Matt

When In Doubt, Add More Hot Boys – An Anime QandA Review of DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- Episode 5

Episode 5 of me and Irina’s collab reviews on DAKAICHI, I’m represented by the bold text while Irina (from I Drink And Watch Anime) is not in bold.

So here we are at episode 5–and I was wondering when they were going to add another ‘hot boy’ to this show to be a more direct threat to Junta and Takato’s relationship. Although did that first scene confuse you too? I guess I can’t tell my hot boys apart because at first I thought that was Junta sleeping with the woman to get a part. It wasn’t until he showed up later in the episode at the audition did I connect the dots as to who he was? True story, I also didn’t realize that wasn’t blondie until the next scene. I thought it might have been a flashback about how Chuunta got his start in the business and his casting couch days where gonna haunt him or something… Maybe the art style is too similar from one character to the next. Or they need to mix up the hair colors more!

Looking back its kinda more obvious this is new boy Chihiro and not Junta but at the time I ~really~ couldn’t tell!

Bit more man-service at the start of the episode, eh? They must have been listening to your comments from the previous review! And the episode was better! Everyone should listen to me always!…To be honest, the kimonos do it more for me than the abs. Sad, I know…

The play they’re doing looks interesting–not the play itself, historical stuff is (usually) quite boring for me, but I enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff! It was the Takato show. I really like seeing him in his element. A stage play is a very different mechanic than a recorded shoot, I’m glad they acknowledged that. I also really like that the show is going out of it’s way to glorify Takato for his professionalism. Beyond any natural innate skill, he’s a good actor because he works hard. All of this is the best aspect of the series for me.

Very dashing photoshoot.

That photoshoot though. You’d think all entertainment in Japan was at least mildly homoerotic.

As usual any kind of character development for Junta is shafted (no pun intended) as he’s off shooting a drama somewhere so again we spend most of the episode with Takato and his ceaseless inner monologue–not at all a bad thing as it’s enjoyable stuff, but seems like this series is very much from his perspective and will continue to be. True. However, the early scene they had together and the telephone conversation were some of their best scenes so far I think. Their banter has grown more natural and the relationship feels more authentic. I still wish we could get to know Juunta better but I do feel like there was progress made as far as their development as a couple and that’s great too. I’ll take it.

This type of easy going and mutually satisfying exchange is something I enjoy watching. Yeah it was a lot of fun to be honest!

Look at his face!

I also really enjoyed how Takato managed to defuse the ego of ‘new hot boy’ (I should probably look up his name). They were fun scenes, especially that one at the bar, seems like drunk Takato could be a handful (pun probably intended). Drunk Takato was soooo adorable. I thought he was going to be all bitchy but I guess he actually is a nice guy deep down. For some reason I found this endearing. You know, I also think Takato isn’t really threatened by this new guy. Chuunta actually got the Man I most want to be hugged by (or something) and is acknowledged to be very talented (in a different way than Takato), extremely diligent and quite professional. That’s why Takato gets all professionally insecure. This new guy isn’t in their league. Takato finds him annoying but he’s not about to feel belittled by him. I may be going a bit far in psychoanalysing these characters…

Yeah, this can only end well.

And I was liking this new addition to the show until, well… it got rape-y again. And just after it seemed like this show was going to go all consensual with its sex scenes too… oh well. But this time it’s actual rape. The show isn’t pretending that this will be the start of a beautiful relationship. This is a bad guy doing a bad thing. I’m ok with it. Juunta is gonna go apeshit. (I’m switching between calling him Chuunta and Juunta randomly. Don’t know why  out two us…)

It was probably my favourite one so far–even with that deeply problematic ending. Interesting that this show’s first actual antagonist is (apparently) heterosexual, wonder if there’s some deeper meaning to that or I’m just reading too much into it. What are your overall thoughts on the episode? It’s been a great week for my seasonal watching. All the shows I’m following have been really good including this one. I agree favorite ep so far. I don’t dislike the ending. Obviously it’s not a good thing but they are injecting conflict and danger which will give all the characters something new to do. I just hope it doesn’t plunge into melodrama because this week was great.

Oh boy, things are going to get bad for Takato…

Thanks for joining us for our episode 5 review! We’ll be back next week on Irina’s site with the next review!

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3 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Add More Hot Boys – ‘DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-’ Episode 5 Review with Irina & Matt”

  1. Great write up guys and it was fantastic seeing your thoughts on the episode. Ayagi, the new guy really rubs me the wrong way, but he’s kind of supposed to, so all and all I really had a lot of fun with the episode as well. I definitely think the best parts of the show come from watching Takato actually work. It always gets really interesting when we see him preparing for or practising a scene.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing your next write up.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I liked that we got to see Takato and Juunta long distance. J gets a little overexcited when they’re in the same room and we don’t get to see them get to lnow each other in a meaningful wat

      Liked by 2 people

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