For Your Kawaii’s Only – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 5 Review

For Your Kawaii’s Only – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Release The Spyce, Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? I kinda had a little bit of whine about last week’s episode, didn’t I?

That you did. Are you regretting it now? No, not really.

Huh? Well then why even bring it up? Because this episode made it all the more evident why last week didn’t work within the context of the show… I’ve softened on my complaints about the previous episode but only because of how much better this episode was but at the same time that only seeks to amplify what was wrong with last week.

I loved the start of the episode when they were getting ready to infiltrate.

So why’s this episode better than? It’s a James Bond movie with cute girls–that’s all I ever wanted and this episode delivered it! Here, I’ll elaborate on that thought. An overly muscular, borderline monstrous henchwoman attacking our protagonist on a train? Check! Exciting, well execute action scenes in tight confines? Check! Villain returning at the last minute to get the jump on our protagonist only to be rescued in an unlikely fashion? Check! This episode ticked off all the ‘Bond’ checkboxes and managed to mix in all the slice of life, CGDCT shenanigans too! Neither “part” of the episode felt shortchanged or rushed because of the other, they complimented each other perfectly ~just~ like in the first episode!

Dem muscles tho.

Well… that’s good then! Glad the show has sought itself out. So what about these “slice of life, CGDCT shenanigans” you speak of? It’s all about Momo this week, which in itself is a large reason why this episode works better as she is the best character, and that’s not something I say lightly as its exceedingly rare for my best girl in any given show to be the main character. She’s doubting her abilities after one two many flubs in the field and is training ~hard~ to make up for it, too hard as she’s even losing sleep just to try and bring herself up to Yuki’s level. But all work and no play makes Momo mo’ mad so she decides to take her colleagues advice and celebrate her upcoming birthday with her school friends. All of this is interspersed between various heists and infiltrations and action sequences and yes, it’s busy and sometimes confusing and convoluted but it’s still entertaining, damn it!

Good job, Momo!

Fair enough. Anything else to add? Also they reveal the identity of the traitor within Tsukikage’s who’s been selling information to the bad guys, but whatever.

Wait, what do you mean “whatever”? Isn’t that a big deal?! Who is it?! It’s apparently the bubbly blonde haired inventor Hatsume and I don’t know, I don’t see this show committing to a true traitor subplot. Either Hatsume’s going to be a triple agent selling Moryo’s secrets to Tsukikage ~or~ they’ll just admonish and then forgive her because that’s what good girls do. I’ve never thought much of this traitor subplot and I still don’t because I don’t think it’ll amount to much. But I’ll happily eat my words if they end up imprisoning or executing her for her crimes. (Note: I was informed by a commenter that the show did not in-fact reveal the identity of the traitor but rather Hatsume’s private information was leaked to Moryo by the traitor. This is what happens when you watch too much anime and aren’t paying attention.)

I love these gay spies.

Overall thoughts on the episode? It’s great, I hope the rest of the series can maintain this level of balance and quality!

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Author: Cactus Matt

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7 thoughts on “For Your Kawaii’s Only – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 5 Review”

  1. “Also they reveal the identity of the traitor within Tsukikage’s who’s been selling information to the bad guys, but whatever.”

    That’s not how I saw it… It looked to me like what happened is that the traitor sold out Hatsume’s civilian identity.

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  2. At least it crosses one person off the ‘possible traitor’ list (and the one I thought was the number 2 suspect, after Fu). I thought this was a fine episode (I just watched it a couple days ago), and I think it’s kind of interesting that they’re still going with the “Momo can’t really seem to get her level of decision-making right” angle. I like that she didn’t figure it out completely so far.

    Liked by 1 person

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