Food For Thought – ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 5 Review

Food For Thought – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Anima Yell! Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? Kawaii desu~

Please don’t. Sorry, it’s just this show has grown on me a lot. And it’s not any one large specific thing that’s gotten me so smitten–it’s just a cute, fun and occasionally hilarious show with an emphasis on small character interactions and adorable moments and I just love it. It’s probably at this point in these reviews I should warn you that there’s no deep and meaningful analysis to be had, it’ll just be me fawning over this show and its characters.

Well that’s going to make for some truly riveting reading material… Actually one thing about this show that is somewhat interesting at least from a critical perspective is that I find myself remembering it ~more~ fondly after the fact–when I’m writing the review and compiling pictures–than I do when actually watching the show. There’s gotta be a term for that phenomena right, probably a German word…

Assume the position.

Probably. But don’t look at me, I’ve got no idea. So what’s the episode even about? (Trying to keep you on the straight and narrow here). It’s very slight in terms of actual plot, which was probably why I initially had a more lukewarm response while watching it. Basically it consists of Kotetsu’s ‘welcoming party’ to the “cheer association”, then some basic stretches and cheer training, then the group is invited to taste test the Home Ec club’s various dishes. The latter of which is just an excuse to watch cute girls eating delicious things and making the requisite noises and faces that come with. Then the episode ends with the girls finding out that the reason they were chosen to participate in the taste-test was because “Basketball Senpai” from the basketball club wanted to thank the girls for cheering for them last episode but was too shy to do it directly. So then the girls go and thank her for thanking them by cheering for them again during their practice. It’s an endless loop of thanks!

Naww, I low-key love “Basketball Senpai”

I think I’ll need to visit a dentist after reading that… too much sweetness… I know right?! Isn’t it the best!

That wasn’t a compliment. Boo.

Seems legit!

Anything else you want to add about the episode? Kotetsu is still my new best girl, she strikes a balance between shy and honest that I love. Also, there’s a fun little moment regarding the Summer uniforms with Uki having forgotten to wear hers while everyone else did. I don’t think we had that kind of thing in High School but I definitely remember wearing the sports uniform on non-sports days or vice versa and can totally relate to that ~awkward feeling~. At the end of the day this show kind of embodies a lot of relatable messages and experiences, despite being about something as far away from my interests as cheerleading. I guess some things in life are just universal.

Winter; left. Summer; right. I prefer the Winter uniforms tbh…

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