Power Bottom – ‘Conception’ Episode 5 Review

Power Bottom – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 5

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 5.

So how’s this episode? I didn’t expect a repeat of last week’s episode that introduced me to my new ‘Coffin Waifu’ and I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up because it’s more or less a trashy return to form with this episode!

Oh yeah? Well it’s a beach episode for one.

Oh god… That said–surprisingly one of the more chaste beach episodes I’ve seen! Yes we get a brief shot of every girl in a bikini but aside from that the shenanigans and service are rather weak. Not a jiggle to be found!

Better beach volleyball action than Harukana Recieve (except this scene lasted 3 seconds).

You must have been so disappointed. I don’t know if that’s sarcasm or not but yes I was. In fact we got more man-service than anything else in this episode as we’re introduced to a new ~male~ character in the form of Narcisstes the aptly named playboy who’s relentlessly pursuing the star maidens as well as feeding his own ego. Except, as we find out during the post credit scene Narcisstes isn’t ~exactly~ who we thought he was as his true desires lie in our male protagonist Itsuki. That’s right, the harem has expanded to include a dude!

He only has eyes for Itsuki, but the show managed to make us think he was into the star maidens, so kudos for the reversal!

Wait, what’s that got to do with “man-service”? He ends up either shirtless or naked (or possibly something to do with his butt and Mana’s lubed up paws?!) more than any of the women in this show… it’s almost like this show is trolling all the straight males expecting an ecchi heaven with the premise of the show and delivering nothing of the sort week after week!

You mad? Not at all. I mean sure fan service is nice and all, but this show is just dumb fun and if nothing else it keeps me mildly amused for 20ish minutes a week. And that’s about all I expect from the show going forward.

Do twins count as one or two?

Fair enough. Anything else worth mentioning? Well Itsuki “sleeps” with 2 technically 3 star maidens this week which makes the episode feel rushed but at the same time expedited the inevitable which ~might~ result in something different from the whole ‘courting, then bedding shtick the series has adhered to thus far. Also it was fun seeing Aire getting to take a bit of control back in the bedroom situation which has up until this point been largely scenes of women ‘submitting’ to Itsuki. Having her go full BDSM on his ass (literally) was a much needed reversal and was not only amusing but vaguely empowering for Arie.

*whip sounds*

So seems like you’re still enjoying the show, then? As much as one can enjoy a show like this. Also, I don’t if it’s just that I’ve gotten used to it or they were less obtrusive but Mana’s presence felt less obnoxious this time around and that’s always a positive!

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