Japan Trip 2017 – Day 8

The eighth day of my Japan Trip 2017, fun at Tokyo Disneyland!

If you haven’t read Day 1 & 2 of my Japan Trip 2017 blog series, please do so before reading this post for context and continuity’s sake. Day 3Day 4Day 5 & 6 and Day 7 are also available to read.

So last time you were at DisneySea, this time Disneyland? Correct! And you know what, before going to Disneyland I was always a bit ~cynical~ about the whole idea of it, it seemed so over-commercialised and phoney–that’s until I actually visited the place and well… yeah I was kind of swept up in the magic. That was 2015 the first time we visited Tokyo Disneyland, so would our second time visiting the park (in 2017) have a different outcome? Yes and no.

Love the colours!
~Halloween Disney aesthetic~

Oh? How do you mean? Has the lustre of the place worn off? It’s nothing as drastic as that–arguably I had a better time this trip because not only were we more familiar with the park and didn’t get lost but also the queues were super short for nearly every ride! I don’t know if we just got lucky or what but I don’t think we waited for more than 45 minutes on any of the rides–even the most popular ones! Which was especially surprising since we attended on Halloween (October 31st) which is also the only day of the year adults are allowed to dress in costume!

Sharon made a hybrid Snow White/Sailor uniform costume. Pretty good since (at the time) we didn’t even own a sewing machine!

Wait, so if you had a better time, why’d you say “yes and no” in relation to it being a different (presumably less positive) experience? It was more about my approach to the whole experience, because I was less caught up in the whole “magic™” of it all I was viewing it more like a trip to a theme park than an adventure. Obviously I still had heaps of fun, but it wasn’t quite as special. Although the decorative Halloween touches around the park added a lot to make it feel at least a bit unique!

Halloween Christmas Tree in the queue for the Haunted Mansion.
Spoopy details in Westernland.

Fair enough. So what did you do all day? We rode rides and ate food–kinda all you can do at Disneyland. This post will probably have less to talk about than others, but on the plus side more pictures and pictures speak a thousand words after all!

Froppy shirt on the teacups. Once again the shirt was getting lots of attention from passersby throughout the day!
“Futuristic pizza” with Stormtrooper themed mochi.
Cinderella’s Castle looking majestic AF even with the ominous clouds behind.

In the previous post you did a rundown on your thoughts on all the rides? Care to do so again? Sure but there’s a lot more than DisneySea so bear that in mind:

Jungle Cruise, fun but nothing special, don’t wait for longer than 30 minutes for.
Pirates of the Caribbean, ignoring the problematic elements it’s a wonderful visual experience and is actually a decent amount of fun. There’s never much of a queue but I’d wait 20 minutes at most.
Big Thunder Mountain was unfortunately closed but I rode it in 2015 and it’s an amazing roller coaster–worth waiting up to 90 minutes for!
Splash Mountain probably my favourite ride in the park, I’d happily wait 90 minutes for (and unless you snag a fast pass like we did you will have to as it’s consistently the busiest ride in the park!)
Haunted Mansion it’s genuinely spooky and atmospheric and was the first ride we rode which set the mood perfectly for Halloween. Highly recommended at any time of year, would wait an hour for if need be.
It’s A Small World terrifying for all the wrong reasons. Do not ride unless you’re prepared to go insane.
Snow White’s Grotto, this ride is so out of place at Disneyland it feels like a cheap carnival ride at a state-fair, was not worth waiting 20 minutes for, wouldn’t ride it again even if it was empty.
Alice’s Tea Party, also known as the tea cups–I spun the cup too fast and felt sick for like half an hour afterwards. Still fun though, would wait 20 minutes to ride it.
Monsters, inc. Ride & Go Seek, while more geared towards kids it was still a lot of fun though I don’t know if it was quite worth waiting 45 minutes for. If you’re with kids sure, (or are big Monsters, Inc. fan) but otherwise probably not.
Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a fun but underwhelming Star Wars themed simulator ride. Wouldn’t wait for more than 45 minutes for it.
Space Mountain, a legitimately intense roller coaster experience, would happily wait an hour to ride.
Pooh’s Honey Hunt, probably the most surprising experience at the park. We didn’t go on it in 2015 because the queue was always 3 hours+ (sometimes as long as 4 hours) and couldn’t understand how it could possibly be worth the wait. But it is (arguably) even as someone who doesn’t care one iota about Whinnie The Pooh this was so much fun and a technical and visual marvel. We got extremely lucky and walked past just as it was reopening after having a ride closure so only had to wait 5 minutes! But I’d easily wait 2 hours to experience this again!

Yikes! That was a lot of rides! And that’s not even half of them, but it is the main ones. But now back to photos of food!

My favourite food item from the Disneyland trip. A savoury “ice cream” cone, the cone is filled with slow cooked beef and gravy and the top is mashed pumpkin topped with cheese!
Obligatory sexually suggestive photo. Can’t even remember what it was she was eating.
Mickey Mouse shaped waffles!

How about some more pictures of scenery and stuff? Not everybody is interested in endless photos of theme park food you know… True enough! Nightfall came and so here’s some pictures of that!

Lots of people waiting for the fireworks (which sadly were cancelled due to “bad weather”).
Obligatory ‘try & get the moon in a picture but it never looks as good as it does in person’ photo.

So you waited around until nightfall and no fireworks? Sadly, correct. The fireworks were cancelled the day before at DisneySea as they were again this night. Unfortunate as Sharon really wanted to experience it but maybe next time!

Leaving the park.

So there will be a next time for your next trip? Possibly. It’s undecided where it’ll fit in our current itinerary but I’m always up for going again, it’s an expensive, tiring day but ultimately its worth it. And with seemingly something new popping up every time we visit there’s always a good excuse too!

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