Crazy In Love – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 6 Review

Crazy In Love – An Anime QandA Review of ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 6

So what’s the show? UzaMaid! Episode 6.

So how’s this episode? Something happened in this episode that I didn’t expect to happen.

Okay, what happens? They gave Tsubame a “love interest”.


Uh-huh, and I take it it’s an unconventional “love interest” given those quotation marks? Well yeah, it is this show we’re talking about after all. It’s her former first lieutenant in the JSDF—a woman named Midori and from the detailed backstory we’re afforded in this episode a completely delusional borderline stalker. It’s also a rather interesting decision to have all of Midori’s flashbacks (and there’s a lot–nearly 10 minutes worth) play more or less back to back in the middle of the episode cutting occasionally to Misha who’s ~reluctantly~ listening in. Misha’s sassy remarks to the strange woman’s increasingly more unhinged story is pure comedic gold!

Apparently the person writing the subtitles was ‘meme-ing’ here as that’s not what she says (so says Twitter anyway) but it was still funny.

So this new woman is a welcome addition to the cast? I don’t know if she’s here for good or just an arc but she’s teriffically enjoyable and adds a interesting dynamic to the show. Misha and Midori strike a deal and hatch a plan for Midori to be Misha’s maid instead in the hopes that will force Tsubame to quit–which benefits Misha as she’d no longer has to deal with the obsessive lolicon and (somehow) benefits Midori in that if Tsubame quits she’ll have no choice but to work for Midori as her maid(???). Why a 33 year old woman would need a maid is anyone’s guess but it’s best not to question the mind of a lunatic.

I’ve found that’s the best course of action… Very funny…

Midori back when she was in the JSDF. Nice.

Anything else about the episode you wanted to add? I don’t know if it was just me but the animation style felt different this week, a lot more loose–almost a bit Studio Deen at times, also some odd use of fish-eye lenses which seemed ~somewhat~ out of place? It didn’t detract (mostly because I like a looser art-style sometimes), and it didn’t feel like they’d run out of money or time or anything like that it felt like a deliberate stylistic choice. Just something I noticed.

It’s kinda Hitchock-ian in a way… I like it!

So overall thoughts on the episode? This episode could have absolutely sunk if Midori wasn’t an interesting character or the elongated series of flashbacks didn’t have Misha’s quips accompanying them. Maybe for some people it did sink–I think that’s largely dependent on how interesting they found this new character–whom I felt was very interesting and has added a new dynamic to the show. They also ~teased~ at Tsubame’s reason for leaving the military… the final flashback showing Tsubame leaving the military base deliberately didn’t show the top half of her face so I’m guessing it has something to do with losing her left eye. Either way this was probably my favourite episode since the first one and I look forward to more!

I love it when anime is self aware.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy In Love – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 6 Review”

  1. I thought the extended backstory was a little much, and that Misha was right there with the audience with “We still don’t care, and you’re still a fruit loop.” I mean, on a meta level, it’s interesting that the show has a character that realizes that what’s going on is boring, and even continues to go on and on about Midori when even the characters in the show don’t care. But apart from that, I’m with Misha in that it felt like the show wasted a bunch of time it could have spent better showing, basically, that Midori is a weirdo masochist.

    I also noticed the change in art style, and wasn’t sure that it was intended as a stylistic change or it was indicative of a dip in quality. And like you say, it was a lot like Studio Deen (it really was similar to the style changes between KonoSuba series 1 and series 2). It’s not something that Doga Kobo really does, but it could have been because this episode was supported by another studio or animation director. It’s not that it was different in a way that supported the story, just like it was different to be different.

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