Piggy Bastard Does Not Dream Of Snacks – ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 7 Review

Piggy Bastard Does Not Dream Of Snacks – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Anima Yell! Episode 7.

So how’s this episode? This show has a lot of really great and unexpected lines that set it apart from other CGDCT shows out there!

Why do I get the feeling you’ve been sitting on a particular ~thought~ for a while and are positively bursting to get it out there? I already made a tweet about it so it’s hardly a fresh thought but here it is anyway. There’s a moment early on where Kotetsu-chan is lamenting about her inability to notice Kohane’s insecurities about heights and instead be blinded by her own hang-ups about her weight when discussing who to be “on top” of their stunts from the previous episode. Cute and endearing moment in-of-itself, but Kotetsu refers to herself as a “buta yarou” which the subtitles correctly (or close to it) translate as “piggy bastard”. Why is this significant? Well if you’ve been following seasonal anime closely or my reviews you’ll know there’s a top-notch little show out there called ‘Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai’. And while its beloved by many, what isn’t looked too fondly on is its title. Not just because it’s kind of awkward and embarrassing to say aloud but for those of us who love accuracy to the Japanese original the “rascal” part of the title is a very loose translation. And it’s not just in the title of the show, even in the anime itself it translates “buta yarou” as “rascal”. Anyway, that’s a long tangent for what was essentially just one line of dialogue. TL;DR I’m happy the translators said “piggy bastard” as it’s more accurate than what another show translated “buta yarou” as.

Aww, Kotetsu-chan buta yarou.

You really need to get out of the house more… so uh, what happens in the episode? You know, of the show you’re ~actually~ supposed to be talking about? After some snack related shenanigans with Kotetsu whose diet starts and fails in a matter of minutes we then learn the why of Kohane’s fear of heights. Turns out in elementary school she climbed to the top of a swing set, thought she’d be able to fly when a gust of wind came past and wound up in hospital. The fact that all her friends and family were so worried about her made her never want to put them in that position again so she avoided heights at all costs after that. Afterwards the girls head to a ‘Cheer Shop’ and typical to these types of shows about hobbies/sports, the girls learn just how expensive all this ~professional~ tier kit is. The episode closes out with a story beat about how Hizume is having trouble connecting with her classmates and she worries they all hate her. Turns out the opposite is true, they’re all intimidated by her beauty and composure and it takes a common enemy–in the form of Kohane getting ‘too friendly’ with Hizume in front of them all for this situation to be rectified.

That’s a recipe for success!

That seems like a lot more than a usual episode, no? I think now we’ve got the cast more-or-less established and character types in place the show has a bit more freedom to speed through more smaller stories per episode. But it doesn’t make the show feel rushed or disjointed either these three segments are well-weaved together and also have the common thread of being ~observed~ by Kana, the redhead who’s been spying on them for 6 episodes now and who finally makes her intentions known.

How dare you! Whoever you are!

And they are? She thinks Hizume is too good for the ‘Cheer Association’! And that’s how the episode ends.

Fair enough, so overall thoughts? I think this is my favourite episode so far? While not as obviously ~feel good~ as the previous one, I liked the comedy better here, great character moments, this episode felt like there was more substance to it and I hope it continues like this going forward!

Just some cute girls trying on cute things.

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