Bun In The Oven – ‘Conception’ Episode 7 Review

Bun In The Oven – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 7

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 7.

So how’s this episode? I am now 100% convinced this is a gag anime and I mean I should have seen it coming—there’s precedent for this type of thing. After all Studio Gonzo who’s responsible for this “video game adaptation” also did the ‘Akiba’s Trip’ anime based on the game of the same name. The difference here though is ‘Akiba’s Trip’ was consistent and polished (somewhat), this is just…

“Sexy, stupid, trash”? Yeah, I guess not much has changed since I made that call about the show in Episode 1. It’s just now the show abandoned what little pretense it had and is just going 100% goofy—which I’m all for by the way. Like the scenes with bakery loli Colette in the bakery felt like they were straight out of a Naked Gun film what with the sexually suggestive pastries and then the ‘climax’ to her story with the revelation that a sausage fits perfectly inside a chikuwa and then the two of them dressed as sausage and chikuwa respectively in bed together as the soft romancing music plays.

*soft moaning sounds*

I… uh, I have so many questions, remind me again what “chikuwa” is? A type of hollow fish cake like a tube… so you know… able to put a sausage inside of… not the wittiest of sexual innuendo I’ll admit!

No caption could compete with the silliness of this image.

Ugh, I’m sorry I asked. So what else happened? There’s a school festival! And as expected it’s weird and silly—there’s a recurring gag about an idol performance that never happens, the bread conglomerate that’s the rival to Colette’s bakery shows up Maihiru and best girl Yuzuha manning the ‘lunch pack’ bread stand. And then when they run out of lunch pack bread they begin selling “all you can stuff panties”, fill a paper bag with as many panties as you can… I don’t even know, it’s like some weird fever dream. And that’s only like a little more than half the episode!

And Itsuki even asks best girl Suzuha how she’s doing… so sweet!

Better tell me about the rest of it then… Then we have another maiden show up, Taura who is the postwoman(?) and delivers all the letters by running really fast. And before Itsuki can make a star child with her he has to pass a test devised by Mama to please Taura’s employer—it’s a ludicrous series of trials taking place in a repurposed haunted house that involve him delivering letters under extreme circumstances even including skydiving (while still inside the building?!)… did I mentioned this episode is like some deranged fever dream?

She’s a good girl!

I’m so confused… you’re confused?! I had to watch and somehow articulate what I’d seen!

Fair point. Anything else you wanted to add? Just that I think this show is kind of brilliantly stupid and I think this episode, more than any other just lets loose with, well… everything and it’s better for it. But then again, I’ve always been a fan of dumb comedies so if it keeps on like this I might actually be able to call this a “good” show–haha who am I kidding, this’ll never be a good show, but at the very least it’s a good time!

Loli eats penis shaped bread, yup just another day living the anime life!

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