5 Worst Anime ED’s of Fall 2018

My 5 Worst Anime ED’s (Ending Songs) of the Fall 2018 season!

First we ranked the OP’s now comes the time for ED’s (Endings). And as usual, yes I listened to every eligible ED for the 2018 Fall season! These are my opinions and not empirical, a song you love I might hate and vice versa. Secondly only the song itself is being judged, not the accompanying visuals or the series itself–even a terrible anime can have awesome OP’s and ED’s! You may notice there’s only five worst selected, well that’s because there was just ~too~ many quality ED’s for me to feel comfortable listing ten. So here’s my 5 Worst Anime ED’s of Fall 2018!

~Number 5~
“Endless Harmony” by Beverly from ‘Fairy Tail Final Season’

I’m sure this is very melancholic and beautiful for fans of the show, but I’m judging the song alone… I didn’t even watch the visuals because I didn’t want my opinion tainted. And as a song, it’s incredibly bland. Also I feel like the singer is hitting those notes way too hard for the kind of song this is but maybe that’s me.

~Number 4~
“Kakumei Zenya” by Yuka Iguchi from ‘A Certain Magical Index III’

It’s not bad, it’s just boring… and generic… and annoying. Okay it’s pretty bad.

~Number 3~
“Kowarekake no Radio” by Ami Wajima from ‘The Girl In Twilight’

Musically this about as bland as the music you’d find accompanying someone’s travel Vlog’s on Youtube or even a travel commercial for some east-Asian country. It just fails to make an impact without visuals, in-fact, this is so bland I listened to this three times in a row and couldn’t even remember how the song went afterwards.

~Number 2~
“Kono Sora wo Subete Kimi ni” by Hiroya Ozaki from ‘Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis 2nd Season’

Oof~ well at least you tried. I mean slow paced songs are fine, minimalist compositions are fine–but when you have a singer who can barely reach the notes he’s trying to sing–and makes it a chore to listen to I think that means you need a new singer for your ED.

~Dishonourable Mention(s)~

I don’t hate this… even though every part of my being is telling me I should I can’t bring myself to dislike it. It’s just so weird and not in an obviously good way, but neither in a bad way… oh god I’m confused. Hence why it’s here and not on the good or bad list it just needed a mention!

~Number 1~
“Cocotama Sagaso! Mi~tsukketa♪” by Kaoru Masaki from ‘Kirakira Happy★Hirake! Cocotama’

Usually I’d feel at least a little bad for picking a song from a young kids anime as the worst anime ED of any given season… I mean, I’m not the target audience what right do I have to judge it?! Except ~plenty~ of young kids anime have had decent, even good OP’s and ED’s in the past so why should I judge this differently? This is absolutely wretched, there’s nothing good about this song, it’s absolute garbage of the highest order and the fact I listened to the song 3 times for the sake of this list makes me want to throw it and myself into the garbage!


And there’s my list of the Worst Fall 2018 ED’s! Agree? Disagree? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and thank you all for reading! Also, that’s ~technically~ the last Seasonal music list for 2018 however stay tuned for my Top 10 OP’s and ED’s for the whole year!

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