Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 7)

A Rundown of the anime I watched but didn’t review in Week 7 of Fall 2018

Because this season I’m watching more shows but reviewing less of them week-to-week I figured it’d make sense to at least let you all keep tabs on my brief thoughts on each episode. Just because a show is here doesn’t mean it’s any less good than any other show, it just means I didn’t have enough to say about it to justify a full review! Also, I’ll try and refrain from spoilers where possible but will give warning if I do need to post a spoiler.

Week 7

Goblin Slayer (Episode 7)

If you didn’t see my tweet about it, you might have missed the fact that Goblin Slayer has been relegated to ‘Watched But Not Reviewed’ territory. The episode didn’t do anything specifically wrong, I was just sick of talking about it at length as my episodic reviews end up as rants anyway. This episode was pretty good, the action was gritty but technically impressive, the situation tense and the stakes suitably high. But the same issues I have with the series still stand and impact my overall enjoyment. Also I thought the final shot of the canaries eye went on for about 60 seconds too long though and almost made me want to write a rant about that by itself! Ahem, moving on…

Screencap of the action scenes? I don’t think so, this is all the action I need!

Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (Episode 8)

Not the strongest episode, the stuff with Subaru writing a manga was okay but likewise some of it fell flat. The second segment was kind of a one-note joke with a customer service robot being too helpful when all Subaru wanted was to get back to a battle however it got a few laughs from me.

It’s not often you’ll see a man’s bare butt on my site.

Banana Fish (Episode 20)

This episode was intense. If only every episode could carry this tonal consistency then I might actually like the show a lot more than I do. No matter how you look at it, it’s shaping up for a massive and impactful showdown in the coming episodes and I’m actually looking forward to it!

Those aren’t handles. Or are they?!

Ms. vampire who lives in my neighbourhood. (Episode 7)

Beach episode + vampire’s who can’t go in the sun and who are also afraid of water? What could possibly go wrong! Akari kind of acted a bit out of line here, which put me off-side with her, but they show didn’t let her off the hook too easy which was good. The second half of the episode was a lot stronger, but it was the after credits sequence which truly tugged on the heartstrings! I forgive you now, Akari!

Here’s some bikini service to balance out the man butt from before.

Boarding School Juliet (Episode 7)

Not as good as previous weeks, but considering the high quality of said weeks this show earned an off-day. Still very good quality entertainment, the imaginative and hilarious ways they kept showing Romio “dying” after reacting to something happening to him was a particular highlight. As was seeing Juliet in her Julio outfit, can’t get enough of that faux trap action!

Is this a meme?

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (Episode 7)

Probably the weakest episode so far, which is a shame as the two previous were quite strong–seems like there’s been a lot of that going around this week–anyway I seem to prefer this show when it focuses on the customer service part of the job rather than the behind the scenes stuff.

Best line of the episode, also very relatable.

As Miss Beezlebub Likes (Episode 7)

Unexpectedly, my least favourite show of the season (that I’m watching) delivers probably my favourite episode of the week. Though it does so by doing the one thing I was hoping it would do and focus on the ~strength~ of its ensemble cast rather than the weakness of its two romantic leads. But even then Beezlebub and Mullin were actually tolerable in this episode?!

Most exaggerated nosebleed react ever? Maybe.


Zombie Land Saga (Dropped At Episode 2)

The Girl In Twilight (Dropped At Episode 4)


And that’s the week of anime I’m calling ‘Week 7’ if you have any more questions about these episodes and specific thoughts I had on specific scenes, leave me a comment below!

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