Reality Check – ‘Conception’ Episode 8 Review

Reality Check – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 8

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 8.

So how’s this episode? Okay, so ‘Conception’ just went and did something really unexpected–but at the same time totally on brand for it–that is to say it was nonsensical and dumb and funny and left me scratching my head at what I’d just watched.

Presented without comment.

Well I’m sort of intrigued and sort of terrified, what did the show do? It ~literally~ had an entire episode that was a parody of popular reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’ and executed it pretty much flawlessly down to the most stupid and inane details of that show.

I mean, sure, ‘Conception’ and ‘The Bachelor’, makes sense!

I, err… well I never would have picked that. But wait, how do you know it was such a good parody of ‘The Bachelor’? I hate reality TV however the irlwaifu finds her time for a few of these trashy diversions and yes the Australian version of ‘The Bachelor’ is one of them and whenever the show is on, rather than leave the room I remain on the lounge, glancing between it and my laptop screen making snide remarks at how stupid it is. I’ve been doing this for a good 5 years now so suffice to say I’m well acquainted with this dumb reality show.

Is that a daikon in your swim trunks or are you just happy to see me?

Okay then, so the episode is a parody of a reality TV show? Is having adequate knowledge of said reality show essential to your overall enjoyment of this episode? Essential? Probably not. But, it absolutely helps but that’s more because there’s a lot of really subtle (and there’s a word I never thought I’d be using about this show) references to very specific elements of ‘The Bachelor’ TV show that’d fall absolutely flat without knowing the reference. That said this episode also contains such ridiculous and tonally all over the place moments as a naked humanoid Mana covered in food and getting “assaulted” by farm animals, dramatic backstories about dead parents, handjobs in the pool, rape gas, protagonist Itsuki getting turned on by the idea of having to seduce men, fourth wall breaking about said BL potential expanding the show’s female audience and “Margherita Pizza”.


…Huh?! Shh, shh, just let it all flow over you until you’re too numb to process what madness your witnessing, its honestly the best approach!

So, umm… didn’t this at one time used to be a show about ‘fighting impurities by creating star-children with star-maidens’? I feel like something’s been lost along the way… You could say that. I’d say this show has shown its true colours though. I made the connection last week that the antics were reminiscent of the ‘Naked Gun’ comedy film series and I stand by that comparison (no matter how old it makes me seem). This show doesn’t care about your expectations or what would ordinarily constitute a ~normal~ episode of any given anime show. This is ‘Conception’, dammit! And it knows its stupid/sexy/trash and it’s going to hammer that home until you leave or just succumb to the madness!

Itsuki is surprisingly adaptable to the situations around him. That said, I absolutely don’t want to see him fuck Mana…

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3 thoughts on “Reality Check – ‘Conception’ Episode 8 Review”

  1. “it’s going to hammer that home until you leave or just succumb to the madness!” – That seems to be the case at this point, though this episode has me very close to just walking away. What little there was in this show that was keeping me interested has all but dissipated and I had pretty much no fun watching this week at all. It’s really late in the season for a drop but one more episode along these lines and I’ll probably call it done.

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