Mine Your Own Business – ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 3 Review

Mine Your Own Business – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur’ Episode 3

So how’s this episode? Well, unfortunately (for me) the episode focuses on Tekken Arthur and Kakka Arthur, the two characters I’d already decided I cared about the least on the show so you can imagine my disappointment!

But we’re only three episodes into an ensemble anime, how can you have already formed opinions on characters who’ve barely appeared? Because they aren’t cute girls! Ahem…

My thoughts exactly…

Oh dear, this again. Not everything has to be cute girls, you know? The cute girls are like 90% of the reason I go to the trouble of ~unconventionally acquiring~ this show in the first place!

Just say “illegally downloading”, nobody cares. *police sirens* Oh shi–

Is this ‘Family Guy’?

I take it your stalling because you don’t want to talk about the episode and are trying to pad out the word count? How dare y– okay maybe. But it’s not like I disliked watching this, it’s not bad by any means, this show could never really be bad, it’s just I didn’t care that much which for the sake of writing a weekly review is a far worse crime! I mean, credit where credit’s due, the episode made me actually ~kinda~ like Tekken Arthur even though he’s a dumb jock. Actually what is the Japanese equivalent of a “jock” do they have a word for that?

I don’t know… but you’re missing the point, it made you like a character you decided you didn’t like based off appearances alone, that’s good, right?! Yeah I guess, there’s just something endearing about the working class, you know?

Sounds a lot like a dictatorship… #justsayin

What? Oh this episode takes place in a Japanese version of a British working class coal mine town that’s being run by a ‘President Leicester’ who seems like a good guy but ~spoilers~ is actually selling rare minerals to the “foreigners” who are trying to invade and steal everyone’s jobs and… is this what pro-Brexit people believe in?

Ah of course, ‘Exanium 994’…

Oh god, please don’t bring politics into this, you’re problematic enough as it is! Harsh but fair. So anyway, secrets are revealed, the working class revolts, there’s a cool-ish looking fight and they all lived happily ever after. Meanwhile, in more interesting looking stories Dancho Arthur and Ruro Arthur are fighting Indiana Jones while Yama-chan and Renkin are getting caught up in rope-related shenanigans!

Indiana Jones was an “Arthur” and his whip was an “Excalibur”, sure why not.

Huh?! Shh, shh, just go with it, it’s better if you don’t ask questions.

I, ah… whatever. So overall thoughts on the episode? It’s good, I mean it’s ~fine~, get this boring male character related character development out of the way quick so we can focus more on the cute girls later! I’ll be waiting…

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