Bearing It All – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 10 Review

Bearing It All – An Anime QandA Review of ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 10

So what’s the show? UzaMaid! Episode 10.

So how’s this episode? Probably the best one yet, and I’m totally not just saying that because Midori is relegated to a two-second cameo.

Uh-huh, and if it’s not that, then what’s so good about it? Pretty much everything. But seeing as how this is a review I’ll be more specific about it.

I imagine it wouldn’t be very hygienic though…

Please and thank you. So in attempt to connect more with his daughter Misha, Yasahiro has organised a trip to an exclusive Hokkaido onsen where you get to bathe alongside cute capybaras! Obviously Misha is all about this, after all she loves cute animals but she’s terrified about Tsubame finding out and ruining the trip just by virtue of existing in the same space as her. One of this episode’s biggest laughs comes early on and follows on from all the extensive prep work Misha goes through to hide their travel plans from their perverted maid only for her to be working at the onsen inn they’re staying at!


But there’s more to this episode than just laughs if it’s the “best one yet” right? Very astute. Yes, after some more Tsubame related shenanigans, Misha disobeys Yasahiro’s request to come straight back to the room after her bath and instead goes to look at the capybara petting zoo (and sees a random panda in the surrounding woods  while she’s there). Yasahiro finds out, but doesn’t scold her. Later, after falling asleep in the afternoon, Misha returns to the forest to try and get a photo of the panda (because Yasahiro didn’t believe her) only to get lost in said woods as well as lose her mobile phone. Back at the room Yasahiro frantically looks for Misha but assumes the worst that she’s gone into the woods, night is about to fall so Tsubame volunteers to go find Misha.

Nature vs Nurture.

And what’s this about a panda? Oh, yeah there’s a panda, or not really, I half-expected it to be Midorin in a panda suit but no it’s a legit panda. It’s mother however, is an aggressive brown bear that has its sights set on Misha until Tsubame comes to the rescue. And while Tsubame was fully intent on using a hunting knife and slay the bear and risk her life to protect Misha instead it’s a passionate monologue about how much Misha means to her that “convinces” the bear to back off.

Tsubame enters the battle!

Huh? Try not to think about it too much. It could be argued that Tsubame’s ~loud noises~ scared the bear off, or just the intimidating aura she naturally gives off but regardless it works. And so Misha is rescued, Yasahiro blames himself for not properly disciplining his daughter and then we get perhaps the sweetest, most wholesome scene in anime all year as Misha and Yasahiro are sleeping in separate futons, she mumbles something about being cold, and instinctively he worries that she’s caught a cold from being out in the woods all evening. Except it’s nothing so drastic, she was just cold and works her way into Yasahiro’s futon. He looks upon his daughter, for whom he wants nothing more than to protect and the two fall asleep together again knowing all is right in the world in this quiet moment.

Dawww. He’s trying his best as her dad.

You make it sound so sweet and wholesome. Because it is, I’d be surprised at this show’s sincerity if it hadn’t already made it abundantly clear in episode 2 that it was capable of it. I think I shed more tears during this episode then any other Fall 2018 anime episode (so far). So I mean kudos to this show for delivering the substantial and flawlessly executed pull on the ‘ol heartstrings!

Great episode, gotcha, so anything else you wanted to add? I didn’t realise this ‘til I was writing my review but the fact that a panda bear (who aren’t native to Japan) is palling around with a brown bear is like the bear version of Misha and Yasahiro, an adopted daughter living with a native of the country. A curiosity that is stared at like a zoo exhibit, alongside the norm. This show is a lot deeper and smarter than most people will ever give it credit for, but oh well, that’s why I’m reviewing it week-to-week after all! Great episode, wonderful even~ well worth sitting through those damned 3 episode of Midori mediocrity (I promise I’ll get over that soon)!

This episode had really great lighting too.

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Author: Cactus Matt

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2 thoughts on “Bearing It All – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 10 Review”

  1. You know, watching Uzamaid, it feels like it would quite an educational show for a kid of Misha’s age to watch. Most episodes teach useful lessons – don’t wander into the woods on your own . . . how to look after hamsters . . . if you post “cute” photos on Instagram you will attract people like “Uncle Low Angle” . . . etc.

    I thought that the panda was actually a brown bear that just naturally looked like a panda, as Misha surmised. Your explanation makes more sense though. Initially I was sure the panda would turn out to either Tsubame or someone else in a panda suit.

    It was great to have an episode focusing on Yasuhiro. You didn’t point out what I thought was one of the most interesting things about this episode – Tsubame saying “Let’s get married!” to Misha in front of Yasuhiro, and Yasuhiro noticing! I mean, the dynamic of this show is that Tsubame is in love with Misha, Misha puts up with Tsubame but consistently rejects her advances, and Yasuhiro is unaware that his housekeeper is perving on his step-daughter. I do wonder where this show (or the manga it’s based on) is going, because a happy ending doesn’t seem possible.

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