Kawaiifall – ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 10 Review

Kawaiifall – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Release The Spyce’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Release The Spyce, Episode 10.

So how’s this episode? Well spoiler warning, but EVERYONE’S DEAD!

What?! Okay not really, but man this episode dials up the intensity towards the end, with no less than 3 of Tsukikage’s girls presumed dead and a fourth revealed as a traitor! I mean, I knew things would pick up eventually but I didn’t expect this. One death ~maybe~ but not three!

Uh-huh, but are they actually dead or is the show just trying to make you think that for the sake of a dramatic cliffhanger and reveal them to be a-ok next week? It’s entirely possible, nay probable that some if not all the girls survived. But aren’t you going to ask me, who and how first? I jumped right to the most dramatic part of the episode, you usually scold me for it.

Enjoy the happy moments together while you can.

Oh right, umm… “slow down, tell us how they get to that point first, will ya?” How’s that? Perfect. So Tsukikage intends to take down ‘Sparrow Woman’ the head of evil organisation Moryo. But before that we get a few sweet little scenes with each of the apprentice and master duos, padding for time til the big showdown? Maybe. But they were still pleasant and entertaining moments.Then the day comes, they ambush ‘Sparrow Woman’ (real name Kuara Tendo) and begin the interrogation–only for all their well laid plans to literally blow up in their face as the front to the headquarters explodes in a fiery explosion and with former spy Katrina presumably still inside! Enemy vehicles descend and so they try and escape to the docks only to be surrounded by more of the enemy.

Momo is adorable as always.

And then! And then we get the reveal we’ve been waiting for, the identity of the Tsukikage double agent! Turns out the traitor is laid back Mei who sold secrets to the enemy because they were paying and because it was “more fun” and as far as ~traitor reveals~ go it was pretty  effective. I mean say what you will about traitor subplots but I buy Mei’s reasoning for turning on them. I’m glad they didn’t bother with some elaborately contrived “oh I had to be a traitor because they’ve kidnapped my family” stuff or have an unnecessary long flashback to explain it all.

~chaos reigns~

Fair enough, so how do the other two Tsukikage members “die”? Well Hatsume goes after traitor Mei and ends up stabbed before being pushed into the sea and–as if to add insult to potentially fatal injury–is finished off with an explosion courtesy of one of her own inventions. Meanwhile Yuki is battling Kuara Tendo but is struck down with the same sword that killed her own master (as we saw in the previous episode) and Yuki bleeds out on the ground as Momo looks on helplessly. The remaining (alive) girls are taken back to Moryo’s headquarters for the very foreboding reason of “experiments” and that’s where things end.

Poor Momo.

So I made presumptions about whether the dead are actually dead, but what do you think? The more I think about it the more it could be true. The episode did heavily emphasise the fact that the current batch of apprentices will one day have to take on apprentices of their own and they’ve literally gotten rid of all the current masters. But only time will tell if they are all dead or not!

Also poor Yuki, yikes!

And your overall thoughts on the episode? Probably my favourite since episode 1, while I do think a lot happened at the end (arguably too much) it also kinda worked with just how much of a colossal stuff-up it was and how much impact having a traitor in the ranks had for Tsukikage’s unravelling. If nothing else, I’m really excited to see the next episode to see not only the true fate of our presumed dead members but also what lies in store for Momo, Fu and Goe.

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