Drawing Closer – ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 10 Review

Drawing Closer – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Anima Yell!’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Anima Yell! Episode 10.

So how’s this episode? Sound the alarm, it’s a beach episode!

*facepalm* why are you like this? Like what?


Nevermind… so what happens ~around~ the beach part of the episode? Presumably other stuff? Well before they head to the beach they get a request to help out the manga club–not with cheer specifically but rather to help them not fall asleep since the deadline for one of their works is a day away and they’ve got too much to do! It’s cute couple of scenes but nothing mind blowing. Afterwards Kohane wonders whether they should be stepping up their cheer game, doing bigger and better things and so Hizume suggests they participate in an upcoming tournament!

The suffering is real for mangakas.

Oh so this so-called ‘sports’ anime is finally bringing some professional competition into the mix is it? Indeed! But not before a summer training camp to get them into better shape! And where’s the best place for a summer training camp? The beach of course!

Cursed image!

Of course… They’ve also got a dojo that they’re staying at which starts the episode’s main plot point for resolution, that of Hizume worrying that Kana is scared of her/hates her because she’s always looking flustered or running away when she gets near. Kotetsu and Uki know the truth though, that she’s got a massive crush and that’s why she’s acting that way. And Kana was really endearing here, she’s in her element when interacting with Hizume. And kudos to the episode, rather than stretch things out or leave it as a running gag by the end of the episode Hizume is now aware that Kana likes her and Kana is making steps to not get so flustered in her presence. Whether that’ll revert back to the status quo next episode though remains to be seen, I’d like to think this is a series where relationships can change and grow.

They are good girls.

Anything else you wanted to add? Just that this show continues to be adorable and I love these girls so much. What else is there to say really? I am looking forward to the tournament, I think that’ll give the show a different feel for the final episodes and that can only be a good thing. Besides we all know that Hizume’s previous cheer ~buddies~ are going to be at the tournament too, so that’ll be good for some drama! Other than that, same old Anima Yell and that’s always a good thing!


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