Retrosexual – ‘Conception’ Episode 10 Review

Retrosexual – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 10

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 10.

So how’s this episode? It’s pretty bad.

Oh? And how’s that different from previous weeks? It’s very different many of the previous weeks either had just enough heart and sentimentality to carry them through or were stupid and comedic enough to be entertaining on that side of things. This episode tries to do both but fails miserably at both.

That bad huh? It’s not like I hated it though, I was just indifferent—which sometimes can be even worse a crime for an episode of an anime!

Being “fat” is the least of Mana’s problems.

Okay so what’s it about? So as surprise to absolutely no-one the 13th maiden isn’t a guy, it’s actually Alfie the daycare worker/trainer who has been looking after all of Itsuki’s star children. And in this episodes favour she’s a great girl and fun to watch—unfortunately they have zero chemistry together which I think is more to do with this show’s gradually worsening production values than anything else. The two of them “dating” and getting to know each other is either uninteresting, poorly paced or just plain cringe-worthy like the scene where she’s about to kiss Itsuki and succumbs to diarrhea from eating too much paper (I’m not even going to bother to explain the reason).

Alfie’s whole ~thing~ is that she’s into retro stuff.

That does sound particularly lackluster. Are there any bright points to the episode? Anything at all? Aside from seeing more of Alfie (I love her design, if I hadn’t already fallen for Yuzuha, Alfie would be best girl) the episode did at least have a scene in the dungeons which is appreciated since that’s kinda the point of the show. Though I’m not so attached to the story that I missed it in previous episode. But yeah not much positive to say here, Mana was at her overbearing worst and everything else was just awkward and flat. We can only hope that things will improve from here!

Attack of the chibi’s!

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