Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 10)

A Rundown of the anime I watched but didn’t review in Week 10 of Fall 2018

Because this season I’m watching more shows but reviewing less of them week-to-week I figured it’d make sense to at least let you all keep tabs on my brief thoughts on each episode. Just because a show is here doesn’t mean it’s any less good than any other show, it just means I didn’t have enough to say about it to justify a full review! Also, I’ll try and refrain from spoilers where possible but will give warning if I do need to post a spoiler.

Week 10

Himote House (Episodes 1-6)

This was originally on my list to watch this season but I postponed it when I found out it was a short anime. But for some reason I misinformed myself as I thought it was only a 5 minute anime, whereas had I known it was a 12 minute anime I’d have watched it week-to-week. I’m especially annoyed that I waited to binge because it’s a terrifically funny, ridiculous and at times endearing show. Plus it’s fun to watch a show about “women of age” as they put it because their dilemmas are a lot different to the dilemmas of school-aged girls in the anime I usually watch! Would recommend for people who liked comedies like ‘Asobi Asobase’ and ‘Pop Team Epic’ (but it’s not nearly as aggressive as either). Also, it kind of reminds me (of what little I’ve seen) of the Japanese reality show ‘Terrace House’ except this is much better.

I love these eccentric 3D anime women and their relationship problems!

Goblin Slayer (Episode 10)

This was my favourite episode yet, but that’s not saying much. Though it does continue to do a lot of annoying things that always put me at arms length, like stop teasing a much more interesting show by giving snippets of the badass all-female team that defeated the demon lord and then cutting to such mundane, mediocre stuff happening in the narrative we’re watching. (And yes, I know that’s the point, don’t @ me…)

Drunk elf is best elf.

Space Battleship Tiramisu Zwei (Episode 11)

Someone in my twitter feed mentioned this episode referenced a couple of other mecha anime very directly and said that was the source of the comedy so I was concerned as my mecha anime knowledge is practically zero. But with that said I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit!

It’s a dick joke!

Banana Fish (Episode 23)

The drama came hard and heavy with this episode and while that was appreciated there were a couple of character backstories that made me shake my head in annoyance as they relied upon one of my least favourite storytelling tropes that this show has indulged in a couple of times already throughout the show. That ending ‘twist’ though (if you want to call it that) had my jaw on the floor and if it wasn’t ~faked~ like the doubting part of my brain seems to think then this show deserves a round of applause.

Yeah, I teared up at this moment, so what!

Ms. vampire who lives in my neighbourhood. (Episode 10)

All of the parties! First a Halloween party (adorable and funny), then a Christmas party (adorable and funny) and then a New Year’s party (adorable and funny). Plus it was rife with ‘shipping material, so gotta enjoy that!

Ellie’s Halloween costume tho…

Boarding School Juliet (Episode 10)

Family drama and high-stakes relationship moments were the order of the day here! It was interesting to see Inazuka’s brother Airu in more detail, though as if his and Persia’s relationship needed any more obstacles–but I guess that’s the point considering the story we’re watching! Not my favourite episode but still consistently very good, and the cute loli twins remain a highlight!

Best girl(s).

Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san (Episode 10)

I’ve made the recurrent point regarding this show that it’s funnier and better when it focuses on the ‘customer service’ aspect of book-selling rather than the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff but this episode almost came as close to the quality it is at it’s best despite being very about the ~inner workings~ of bookstores. So kudos to that!

Jack O Lantern Midoriya is certainly a strong look!

As Miss Beezlebub Likes (Episode 10)

Speaking of recurrent points, this show’s best when its focusing on its side characters and the first half with Sargatanas ‘falling for’ Astaroth was very good, while the latter half with Bell and Mullin was ~just okay~.

I agree! It’s the most interesting thing about you!

Zombie Land Saga (Dropped At Episode 2)

The Girl In Twilight (Dropped At Episode 4)


And that’s the week of anime I’m calling ‘Week 8’ if you have any more questions about these episodes and specific thoughts I had on specific scenes, leave me a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Watched But Not Reviewed (Fall 2018 Week 10)”

  1. Finally watching Himote House! I was hooked by that show from the first episode, when Tae “I multiplied! What the hell?” I like the Tesagure-esque improv parts they usually do at the end quite a bit, and they really bring in the “we’re losers who hang out together” vibe throughout the show.

    You related it to Asobi Asobase and Pop Team Epic, but not as much, and that’s kind of right for me. Himote House doesn’t cross the lines that those other two shows crossed (immediately for PTE, and like 3 episodes in for Asobi) that just went too far for me. It’s also fun to see what cosplay they do for the end credits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This show’s a lot of fun and its sad to see that a lot of people immediately wrote it off because of the 3D CGI characters, I got used to it after a couple of episodes and even find it endearing now! Definitely an unexpected winner from this season!


    1. Lol no need to apologise, if anything it tempered my expectations and probably made me enjoy the episode more! Plus you can’t help but be excited about references to other anime in anime you’re watching, I do it too!

      Liked by 1 person

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