Dust To Dusting – ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 11 Review

Dust To Dusting – An Anime QandA Review of ‘UzaMaid!’ Episode 11

So what’s the show? UzaMaid! Episode 11.

So how’s this episode? So, uh, last week was an unexpected hit to the feels. You know what the followed it up with this week?

No idea. Another hit to the feels! I mean, ~damn~ UzaMaid, how many tears do you need me to shed to make me understand your a better anime than anyone could have ever predicted?!

Sleepover time!

Okay then, so what happens in it? So immediately we’re greeted with a flashback to Misha’s mother’s art studio back when Misha’s mother was alive and the two of them interacting together was already making me misty eyed. But then while her and Misha and Yasahiro are out having breakfast on the patio together, Misha’s mother begins sketching the two of them, only for Misha to complain that she doesn’t want to be “alone with Yasahiro” only for her mother to obligingly sketch herself into the picture and then off-handedly comments “what would you ever do without me?” And already I’m a mess and we’re only two minutes into the damn episode.

Misha and her mother were adorable!

You big softy, you. So then in the ~present day~ what happens? Misha’s having a sleepover with Mimika Washizaki and Yui Morikawa! ~Kawaii~ And the usual shenanigans ensue, with Tsubame wanting to watch the girls having fun together but reigning it in for the sake of not driving Misha away. But throughout the episode there’s little nods to Misha’s mothers room which since early on in the season has been a “forbidden room” that Tsubame must never enter. And there’s some brilliant foreshadowing in this episode like when Misha enters it to attempt to clean it, only to be so off put by the plume of dust that rises from her first footstep and for that to become an important plot point later.

Seems about right.

“Later”? We’ll get to that, ahem… later. What happens in between? Midorin pays a visit and already my eyes felt like they were about to roll out of my skull. But she’s ~okay~ here, mostly because she’s used in moderation and plays no bearing on the story–as it damn well should be! Ahem… so later that night, Yui needs to pee and enlists Mimika’s assistance to stand guard, only for what can only be described as a cacophony of madness ensuing. After a run in with Midorin handstanding on a toilet, demonic looking pets and a stuffed ~kumashock~ they end up back in Misha’s bed, but not before leaving footsteps all over the “forbidden room” that is Misha’s mother’s studio. The next morning Misha wakes up, walks downstairs only to see said “forbidden room” with door wide open and footsteps aplenty. Misha begins to panic at the sanctity of the room having been disturbed and begins to wonder on the culprit, Yui Morikawa’s name passes her lips but Tsubame is quick to interject not wanting Misha to lose any faith in her newfound friends. She takes the blame for the intrusion entirely on herself and is harshly rebuked for it.

Not the rebuke in question but still savage AF.

That hardly seems fair? But that’s how it needs to be and Tsubame knows this and we the audience know this and it’s just so ~good~ I can’t even deal! I’m so glad this show has recovered so well, an excellent episode all round!

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