Life Imitates Art – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 11 Review

Life Imitates Art – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Bloom Into You, Episode 11.

So how’s this episode? It’s complicated. Not my feelings for the episode—it’s excellent as to be expected. No it’s the episode that throws up a bunch of convolutions and complexities but they all come about naturally and none of them feel contrived or overwrought and that’s no mean feat!

Okay so what’s it about then? The student council has gathered for a 3 day/2 night ‘sleepover’ at the school to better prepare for the the upcoming play. And seeing as the only girls staying the night are Yuu, Touko and Sayaka that means they’ll be bathing together for the first time and sleeping in close proximity for one another. The bath changing/bath scene and the bed time scene are two of my favourites so far from the perspective that almost all the drama is happening in each of the characters minds. Sayaka wanting to confess her feelings, Touko wanting to look at Yuu’s nude body and Yuu wanting to be able to reach out and touch Touko. All that’s happening in their heads while on the surface they’re having to seem calm and collected as if nothing at all is wrong. It makes for compelling viewing that’s for sure!

Damn steam…

And does anything happen between any of them? Well, no, but that’s the way of things. Plus as much as I would have liked something to happen, it makes sense that no one acts on their feelings right now—though something that happens late in the episode makes me think something will in the next episode!

That longing look…

What happens? Well a little context first, their supervising teacher Riko sensei invites a member of her theatre troupe to talk to them all and give them some pointers. But as it turns out, he’s an alumni of the school and in fact was not only in the same grade as Touko’s deceased sister but was also in the school council under her presidency. Touko asks what she was like, her curiosity about other people’s perceptions no doubt spurred by the play that’s covering similar subject matter and to her shock she learns that her sister was far from perfect.

Sayaka’s got the look like something more gay was going on here than in reality.

In what ways? In very Japanese ways, at the risk of generalising having a girl who looks perfect but is actually a bit frantic and uses her fellow student council members to help copy summer homework she didn’t do hardly screams “omg she was a completely different person than I thought.” But that’s because I live in Australia where academics and being the ‘model student’ aren’t held to the same high standard of importance as they are in Japan. That said I still did feel for Touko, the look on her face when she realizes she didn’t know the ‘real’ version of her sister is pretty saddening.

Poor Touko.

And what’s this moment you were sliding to earlier? Oh right. So while the others are having fun letting off fireworks Touko confides this new revelation not in Yuu but Sayaka. Not maliciously mind you, she just happened to be the particular shoulder to lean on in that moment. But the look on Sayaka’s face when Touko says “I can tell you these things” makes me think Sayaka is going to use this as the green-light to confess her feelings. Which, well if she does, isn’t going to go well for the poor girl since Touko’s still obsessed with Yuu. But maybe it’ll give Yuu the necessary push to be honest with her own desires and bring Yuu and Touko closer as a result? We can only hope…

Trouble is brewing!

Overall thoughts on the episode? Wonderfully deep and rich character moments mixed with the shows usual charms makes this another top-tier episode, not much else to say but that!

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